The IWA Outdoor Classics is a salon for hunting sector professionals, held at Nuremberg in Germany.

New guns announced at the IWA Outdoor Classics

For Browning, this represents an opportunity to present, with our 700 sq. m. stand, all our ranges of guns, clothing and accessories to the press, retailers and a large number of specialised wholesalers, both European and international.  A video is better than a thousand words, so here is a virtual tour of our stand to show you its extent.

Browning launches limited editions at the IWA.  Below you can discover photographs of our novelties.

In the order of the photos and from top to bottom, you will see:

  • Slide 1 :
    • X-Bolt SF Target Mc Millan A3-5 ADJ
  • Slide 2 :
    • B525 Crown 12M/20M (also available in left-hand)
    • B725 Sporter II 12M (also available in left-hand)
  • Slide 3 :
    • B525 GAME ONE 410M (also available in left-hand)
    • B525 GAME ONE 28M (also available in left-hand) – Also available in 16M
    • B525 New Sporter One ADJ Trap Forearm 12M (also available in left-hand)
    • T-Bolt TGT/Varmint Composite Threaded
  • Slide 4 :
    • Maral SF Gr5 Monte Carlo
    • X-Bolt SF Composite Micro Dura Touch Threaded
    • A-Bolt 3 Composite with sights
    • X-Bolt SF A-Tacs Camo AU Fluted Threaded Cerakote
  • Slide 5 :
    • Gold Camo Mossy Oak Country 10M 3.5″
    • A5 Elite Woodcock 16M
    • Bar MK3 Composite Eclipse Gold HC
    • Bar MK3 Tracker Pro Fluted

For further details on these items, consult the Browning page with “Limited edition” guns.

Have you seen a gun that interests you?