An icon for wild boar hunters (and others), all over the world. And for more than fifty years it has been synonymous with the gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle. From “military” to “civilian” BARs The BAR acronym in the name of the Browning automatic rifle is the only thing it has in common with the military BAR

Which calibre for a perfect wild boar driven hunt? This topic is really difficult. Because every hunter has their own theory and is swayed by his own experiences, and by what he has heard from those he considers expert. So, it’s all a bit of a minefield.

If the instructor stands in front of your rib or behind you, don’t worry! In the first case it is to observe if the dominant eye is aligned just above the rib, in the second to check your stance. The following tips are geared towards Olympic Trap, but can be adapted for other disciplines (see

I have always felt comfortable with the Maxus. It is a highly reliable and robust gas operated semi-automatic, that is precise and easy to handle. Browning certainly has some experience in this argument. And has done for a few years now… It was time to introduce new developments with the Maxus 2. A proven mechanism!

It all depends on your level as a shooter and your natural talent. If you have never shot clay pigeon before, I recommend that you first go to the nearest shooting range to try it out. There might be an instructor and maybe they could even lend you a shotgun for your first attempt.

Oh, I know, the topic is a thorny one. But there is little to joke about. In all activities where guns are used, especially hunting, either you follow precise safety protocols, or you get hurt. How many times do you hear or read in the media of “accident” or “fatality”?

Gotcha! You’ve been taken in by another sensationalist headline.  Obviously, the subject of this article isn’t about whether your BAR could challenge Gerard Depardieu to a drinking contest, or if your B725 Grade 5 gets hangovers too. The subject of this article is quite different.  Now that the Covid crisis has meant that we have

August 13, 2020
Ben takes up shooting

“Do you want a go?” A friendly Belgian chap was offering me a rifle at a shooting range in a Second World war fort (fort of Flémalle).

Ammunition weight is key.  It impacts on the trajectory of the bullet and how well it penetrates the game.

In order to be successful, there are a number of factors a roedeer hunter has to take into consideration: the most obvious being wind and sun. When dealing with suspicious animals, your smell or your shadow could give you away; but it is just as important to know the right time of day to be

When shooting in the summertime, you need to check your scope is adjusted before considering that first outing to hunt buck or fox.  We’d like to show you how to zero your rifle with just four rounds.

In this month of June 2020, the post-confinement continues its course, yet the fauna continues to take advantage of these calm moments to walk in nature.     

June 19, 2020
Why shoot corvids?

Caw, caw, caw! A black shape emerges out of the morning gloom, circling above the bird decoys you have set up a few metres away from your hiding place.  Quick as a flash, you stand, shoulder your Maxus and fire a Winchester Special Corneille.  It falls to the ground.  You’re happy, and so is the

Harvest time is a difficult period for wild animals.  Many of them get caught up in the blades of combine harvesters.  We might assume pheasants, partridges, rabbits and hares alone are affected, but larger game is not spared either.  It is estimated that thousands of fawns meet this invidious fate each year.  One association has

Once again, the wildlife takes full advantage of these moments of quietude to walk around, enough to enchant our wildlife photographer who offers us a new and diversified selection in this month of May. 

In these strange times when the human gives way to nature, we offer you a new selection of animal pictures that take full advantage of these moments. 

It’s the end of winter and the beginning of spring, enough to offer new pictures with a little more snow, but also nature which colors again in this month of March 2020. 

When walking around your permission/hunting ground you should always look closely at everything around you, the grass, trees, fencing, tree-stands, and streams. All of them require management or simple maintenance. Part of our job is to look after not just the infrastructure which we put in, but also to make sure that the rest of

This month of February 2020 is like the month of January, we oscillate between sunny, rainy and, too rarely, snowy days. This is why we are offering you a selection of images that wonderfully represent these climate changes.

Let’s talk a bit about stalking or hunting equipment in general. I am not talking about things like rifles and scopes today, but rather the equipment you carry in your rucksacks, kit bags and all those pockets which nowadays adorn jackets and trousers. I know that everyone has their own personal preferences as to what they

We consider the advantages of not going it alone into the hunting field when you’re a beginner hunter or even an experienced hunter.

This February 14th will be Valentine’s Day, a special day for all couples. For this special occasion, we have decided to organize a contest for our fans who hunt as a couple.

If you went into a gun shop 25-years ago and asked for a repeating, centrefire rifle, you’d get a bolt-action. However, things have changed dramatically as since 1993 you could get a manually-operated straight-pull instead. So, what is it and how does it compare to the traditional system? Straight-pull and bolt-action: mechanism Both systems have

Many of us have not been able to enjoy the snow during the end of 2019. Fortunately, in this month of January 2020, the snow has partially fallen in some areas, offering us beautiful landscapes and therefore, photos of circumstance. 

I remember buying my first camo jacket when I was 13 in the Army Cadets. It was the French Lizard pattern; the forerunner of the US Tiger Stripe. Another milestone was when the British Army changed from their green combats in the 1970s to DPM (disruptive pattern material).

Still in small game hunting season, I propose a new recipe based on pheasant supreme. It will be served with artichokes, potatoes, and blackberry-scented pheasant pan juices. A recipe that will delight your taste buds. Directly from the field to the plate.  Discover the video of the recipe at the end.

I’m a big fan of iron sights and my rifles for the more serious game have them fitted JUST IN CASE, sure I normally use a scope, but there are times when something simpler is better. However, ‘irons’ have their limitations, not the least of which is trying to keep front and rear elements in

The driven hunts are still in progress in this month of December. It is therefore with pleasure that our photographer offers us again some game pictures taken in the action. 

We look at the dictates of pushing the 22 Long Rifle cartridge well out of its comfort zone.

In this month of November, the driven hunts have started. It is, therefore, the right time for our photographer to present a selection of photos of big game in action. 

Deer shooting in the UK tends to more longer distances, as we don’t drive them like wild boar as the European’s do, which is close up and usually standing shooting as they run by.

In 2011, I bagged my very first deer in the UK and that was when I made up my mind that I wanted hunting to be a full-time hobby. And what better way to do that than with a T-Bolt!

I think that everyone agrees that a hunting knife is a very personal thing for each hunter.  Some have just one favourite knife, but others prefer to have few more (like 20-30): one for different days or different tasks.

Hunting season for small game is starded so here is a recipe based on wheat quails combined with grapes and chard. An irresistible dish to serve to your guests or to make when you come back from a good hunting day. From the field to the fork.  

In this month of October, our wildlife photographer took advantage of the rut and magnificent sunshine to bring you a selection of colorful deer pictures. 

I always find it amusing that many shooters put a lot of time, effort and expense into their equipment, and hone their marksmanship skills. Yet when offered the chance to take it overseas, feel it’s too much hassle. I’ve hunted in Europe and Africa and have always taken my own guns; why, because that is

Everyone has the time of their life on a hunt. There is no such thing as a bad time on a hunt: some are good, some are great and some are just bloody amazing. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you will remember it for the rest of your life. These kinds of

The future looks bright for the semi-auto shotgun, a favourite among waterfowlers and pigeon and crow hunters. Gas-operated and recoil-operated versions both have their devotees. Browning has two of the most competitive models on the market in the gas-operated Maxus and the inertia-operated A5. Here is a quick look at how these two systems work,

September obliges, here is a selection of photos of the king of the forest during the rutting season.

Just a month after Sam Green and his Browning Ultra XS were crowned FITASC world sporting champions, one of Browning’s female shooters has also struck gold. Sam’s fellow British shooter Amy Easeman won the World Compak Sporting Ladies’ Championship in Hungary at the end of August. We invited Amy, 18, to tell us about her

The success of our sponsored shooter Sam Green once again underlines Browning’s reputation for excellence. The Englishman with the easy smile took the top prize in FITASC sporting at the 2019 World FITASC Championship held at the prestigious EJ Churchill range. Here, Sam tells us what the experience was like.

Gunsmiths often say that “the bullet comes from the gun; the kill comes from the stock”. The stock is in direct contact with the shooter and has to nestle perfectly in the pit of the shoulder to guarantee a certain level of performance. Everyone has heard of straight stocks, swan-necks, the Monte-Carlo, pistol grips, and

In this selection, find new photos in August 2019 highlighting the loss of velvet of the deer, and foxes.

I often listen to people talking about distances and how far they can shoot. Well, here is my take on it.

So, you’ve made a deal with the Devil Mrs: every second Sunday, you’ll leave your gun in the safe and chill out with her on a Netflix binge. Although I can’t agree with such a course of action personally, you can play it smart and stay a step ahead of your dearly beloved. How? you

The month of July is a moment of transition between spring and summer, enough to offer a nice series of photos. Discover below a beautiful diversity of game.

There is a very common question people ask: “I am new to stalking/hunting, can someone suggest what type of scope I need for different kinds of hunting?”

It’s the beginning of the summer, what to offer a recipe with venison fillet and fresh seasonal products. This fresh recipe will awaken the taste buds of your guests.

The month of June is a moment of transition between spring and summer, enough to offer a nice series of photos. Discover below a beautiful diversity of game.

Among the myriad hunting techniques, there is one that, in our view, is truly redolent of freedom and – we’ll just come right out and say it – rare authenticity. The advantage of this technique that has been adopted by modern-day wildlife photographers (unaware of its origins) and which inspired a famous work of literature

Another month filled with diverse photos of nature, there are wild boar, fox, deer and other small game.

The famous XIXth century Alpine hunter, Alpinus (real name Henry-Frédéric Faige-Blanc) used to say that dogs are “man’s better half“. It’s difficult to argue otherwise, especially when you’re a hunter! Hence, in our continuing look at our dear four-legged helpers in this blog, we have decided to talk about one of the most common breeds

The Paleo diet is a return to the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The term Paleo refers to the prehistoric Palaeolithic period, when humans first appeared (3 million to 12,000 years BC). The diet really began trending in 2001, in the United States, with the publication of The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, a professor

While most hunters are hanging up their shotguns and rifles as the hunting season draws to a close, some are counting down the days to the 1st of June when, certain circumstances permitting, they will have ample opportunity to indulge in the wonderful solo hunting experience of fox stalking in summer.

In this spring month, nature takes these rights for our greatest happiness. What offer a selection of photos of small and big game, but also waterfowl.

We consider the ability to predict where your shot will go and its ramifications.

Being an active hunter, like many of you, I am very passionate about the way hunted meat is cooked. For me, there is nothing worse than when venison, pigeon or any other game gets ruined in the frying pan or dried out in the oven.

It’s the end of winter and the logical return of spring, enough to present you with a new selection of pictures tinged with bright green as we like them and of course game. There is something for everyone between big and small game from different horizons.

Visitors to the IWA 2019 were unanimous in their opinion: Browning has made a great impact with the launch of the BAR and Maral Reflex ranges.  This ingenious system has provided a new shooting experience for all lovers of battue style hunting, putting you a step ahead of the rest.  Let’s explain.

March 15, 2019
Why wild meat …?

What do we mean by wild meat and why should we eat it?  These are questions which could be answered in many ways. Some might tell you: it is the meat taken from a wild animal which has been hunted by a hunter, or something like that. Others might say: because it’s organic and much

Ever since I was very young, I’ve been fascinated by the mountains. I’ve always preferred silent hiking trails to beaches packed with ruddy bathers basted in lotion. I enjoy the physical challenge of the steep hillsides. I’m not the sporty type particularly, but what a great feeling when the blood starts racing through your temples,

The snow has returned to its rights, the opportunity for us to offer you a selection of snowy photos. The brown of the animals looks great out of these images on a white background.

Hunting is doubtless an adventure, whether you just drive a few miles to a small piece of land you have permission on or take the plunge and gear up for a trip overseas, the risks can be the same. So,  an amount of pre-planning and preparedness will increase your chances of having a good time,

The hunting season is coming to an end, but we still want to immerse you in this atmosphere with this selection of photos. You will see wild boar, deer, and trackers.

Ask an American which monuments symbolise his country and he’ll tell you about the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Hollywood sign on the hills above Los Angeles. Talk to him about brands that symbolise the American Dream, and there’s a good chance that Browning will be one of the

My hunting journey began probably like most young people through my father. I had grown up around firearms, been taught respect, safety and most importantly the magnitude of shooting. It’s not something I took lightly, even as a child, but my father’s passion and love for his hobby had me wanting to know more. In

I was recently lucky enough to fly to Slovenia to organise a Browning event. Slovenia, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a small country, formerly part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, on the borders of Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. It is a one-of-a-kind model for Europe. Hunters and naturalists live peacefully side by side,

Deer are always animals that impress with their presence and beauty. Through these 10 pictures, you find them in different postures magestic as fun and always under a beautiful autumnal sun.

“ … over by La Lande, we had two lakes covered in reeds and floating grass. Between them, at the edge of a connecting stream, my husband had had a small hide built for shooting at wild ducks.” Maupassant, Tales and novels, v. 1, A Wife’s Confession., 1882, p. 800.

The driven hunts season has started and it is the right moment to see many moving animals, which always gives beautiful pictures. Here is a selection that should greatly please you.

November 29, 2018
Choosing centrefire calibres

With many common and exotic cartridges around how do you make the right choice for your first calibre needs?

Game is part of our Christmas fare, and a chance to try a highly nutritional, protein-rich, low-fat meat. If your iron count is low, tuck in to a haunch of boar or a joint of deer and top up your potassium and phosphorus levels at the same time. It’s the ideal mid-winter pick-me-up for body

It’s a nice title, isn’t it? I could just as easily have written “Browning Maxus, the best gas-operated semi-auto shotgun on the market”. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I am sure that every hunter has had one of those days when you get up in the morning and start getting ready for work; it’s just not working out for you, you just can’t get on with things. Everything takes so much effort and energy that you almost want to call in sick.  Your

The slam ended early this October. What, again, offer you a lot of photos on this theme. Discover a set of pictures of deer all more majestic than each other.

Wildlife management practice in the Geneva canton is seen as a template by some, absurd by others; but it does differ in one notable respect: the absence of so-called “traditional” hunting. The reason for this is a popular initiative put forward by a physiotherapist and a lawyer in 1974, which saw a 75% vote in

October 26, 2018
A safe day’s hunting

Hunting is a risky passion that requires the utmost preparation before and during the day’s hunt. So here is a quick review of some of the safety aspects that should always be borne in mind.

When I was 4 years old my father took me hunting for the very first time: indeed, it is the first memory I have of my father and I together; I guess the bond between us was made at that time. Then, when I was 7, I pulled the trigger of my father’s 12G for

This is the rut season, so we take the opportunity to offer a selection of pictures of deer. You will find fights, ruts, some more natural photos, but still beautiful pictures with majestic deer.

There are a few ways of hunting which spring to mind when you think about hunting with dogs. Now the reason I said ‘few’ is that here in the UK, driven hunting for animals like boar and deer is not common practice – in fact, it’s actually illegal.

Once again, nature is in the spotlight in this latest selection of photos from August 2018. Our photographer still has fun capturing magical moments that offer flora and fauna.

In my opinion, small game starts with rabbits and stops with foxes: I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, that both of the above populations require careful management across the country. I can say with confidence that almost every single hunter would pull the trigger if he saw a fox

With lawmakers casting a foreboding shadow over the gun and hunting sectors, a gun safe is an increasingly recommended item of equipment. Some countries in Europe require all gun owners to have one, and others may soon follow suit.

For this new selection of photos from July 2018, we offer you cervids, cervids, and even cervids. Enjoy these new pictures.

If we take a quick look back at the history of wild boar in the UK, we find out that the original native wild boar were extinct somewhere around the 13th century. Since then, there have been several attempts to reintroduce wild boar by royal personages or members of the aristocracy.

Hunters like to shop as much as the fashion victims you see strutting around city centres. What could be nicer than casually browsing around a gun store you’ve never been to before while your other half is buying a pair of shoes in the shop next door (using her own credit card, phew!)? What greater

A bison-sized 4×4 cuts its way across Far West scenery. A vast, desert expanse spreads beyond view. The temperature is touching 40°C; not enough to deter a dozen or so antelopes from nibbling at the tufts of burnt grass. The turns in the road reveal the occasional village peering out of the dust like lunar

July 3, 2018
Deer social structure

A lot of studies have been done about the social structure of deer by many great experts, doctors, and professors, who spent countless hours studying and writing PhD theses on the subject. So many different species, locations, areas and climates and everywhere the structure of deer society is different.

Browning offers you a new selection of images with beautiful big fluffy antlers and some other animals that will satisfy you for sure!

There is one disease in this overview of illnesses affecting game that is garnering a lot of attention – and, unfortunately, we probably haven’t heard the last of it: African swine fever.

Ah, the empty bag! Every hunter has come back with it, and no hunter looks forward to it! Empty, but usually with a bitter tinge of disappointment and a bitter feel; it can put you in a bad mood, even make you insufferable to friends and family… But what would hunting be without it? What

Hunting seasons are very different from one country to the next, and that is exactly why I consider myself a very lucky man. I live and hunt in England where technically hunting happens all year round. If you are lucky enough to have permission to hunt the ground where muntjac is present, then you will

Here is a new selection of seasonal photos with brocade and small game. What to please everyone!

Our Swedish ambassador was one, if not THE first representative of Browning on social networks. She was already promoting the brand on Instagram and Facebook long before we talked about “Browning Ambassadors”. It is, therefore, time for us to thank her, and especially to tell you more about Alexandra Hellström.

John Moses Browning, the man who gave his name to our brand, is often called “the father of modern guns”.  This man who held 128 patents is also behind four of the five Browning guns that have each sold over one million.

There are many ways to bleed the carcass of the animal and they all serve our own purpose and use. Some of these ways are better than others, but they all do the same job. We all know that the quick bleeding of the carcass after the animal has been felled is as important for

This new selection of animal photos, proposed by our photographer, shows big as small game in their natural environment. What delight all lovers of animals.

At Browning, we are committed to promoting the world of hunting and sports shooting. To do so, we support associations, athletes, but also huntress and hunters. One of these huntress is Fiona Hopkins. She is one of our ambassadors on France with Margaux Huntress and Julien Carpentier. We asked her a few questions. 

All hunters and shooters have the right to the “best there is”.  Yet even if the very best over and under shotguns are called B25, B15, Heritage, B725, B525 or Cynergy, it does sometimes happen that a shooter cannot find a stock that fits his shoulder.  The grip may be too wide, the stock may

The only sound we hear as we make our way stealthily towards our stand is that of acorns tumbling through the autumn foliage and falling onto the surrounding ground. The air is cool, the wind merely a gentle draft, as we move slowly among the oaks, beech trees, limes and ash. I’m out with my

Hunting is sometimes full of surprises.  To tell the truth, the story I have decided to share with you today will seem so curious and unusual that the reader will easily understand that I hesitated a great deal before deciding to recount it. It was last December, in the heart of my native Normandy. A

Another new selection of animal photos proposed by our photographer. You will discover big and small game. What delight all lovers of nature.

The IWA Outdoor Classics is a salon for hunting sector professionals, held at Nuremberg in Germany.

Not very big (30 to 60 cm long), not very heavy (400g to 2kg), this hunter’s companion is very efficient at flushing out rodents – and especially rabbits – from their burrows.  They are enthusiastic sleepers, especially when their stomachs are full.  For several decades now, ferrets have been considered as quirky pets: their appearance

This month, we show you a selection of pictures with some amazing or funny cervids that should give you the smile! A pleasure for the eyes. It makes us want to go back to nature and see it for ourselves.

Choosing the correct calibre is essential to successful hunting, so let’s see what’s available? The amount of rifle calibres is vast, never more so than now, with seemingly new wonder cartridges coming out all the time! Faster, flatter, more terminal performance, better BCs the list goes on, which must be confusing for the novice.

At Browning, we have decided to work with ambassadors who will represent our brand through their communities. In our search for ambassadors for the Benelux, we came across the Hunting Students, a particularly active hunter duo. It’s time to tell you more about them.

We can learn a lot from our mistakes, so here are a few lessons that I have seen or heard that you will hopefully not be repeat

We do not know if it’s the same for you, but for us, the snow has held on the heights allowing us to offer you new snapshots …

Getting ready to hunt before and afterwards is very much like a military operation! First let’s consider your equipment; rifle and ammunition, clothing, ancillary equipment; binoculars/scopes and/or laser rangefinder, knives/sharpener, bipod and/or shooting sticks, rubber gloves (for gutting and skinning) and some sort of bag/carrier for the game. Plus, water and food if it’s going

January 5, 2018
Recipe: Grouse Burgers

At this time of year we are enjoying stocking up the freezer during shooting season and I’m making the most of the variety! Investing in a mincer has opened up a whole new range of options for cooking game. One of those options being a delicious homemade burger!

It’s December and the snow is there for some of us. So, we offer a selection of pictures of animals in the snow. On the menu, wild boars, deer, etc …

I often get the chance to work at hunting fairs in Europe, but whether in France, Germany, Sweden or England, one question comes up time after time. “Hello, I shoot with a B25 purchased in the 1960s and I wanted to know why Browning shotguns stand out from the rest with their extraordinary longevity”? Well,

The Loch Ness monster: do you know the legend from the Highlands about the monster they call Nessie? No, it’s not about a marine animal with a long tail, but the first deer I stalked with such pride.

We are in the hunting season, so we have decided to offer you pictures with several hunting scenes, but also some beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes.

My first ladies’ driven shoot day has just been. After a fantastic day in the field with seven other lovely ladies, we ended up with a mixed bag of 91. We each took a brace or two home and I already knew what I was going to make, pheasant satay skewers – one of my

This is the resumption of the season, and we take advantage to offer you a new selection of great pictures of animals. So discover pictures of wild boars, deer, mouflons, etc.

September was, for us, hunters and lovers of nature, the season of the slab of the deer. What make beautiful photos, here are a few shots for your eyes, but also for you.

Is the self-loading sporting rifle on the way out in Europe? We British lost the right to own self-loading, centrefire rifles (SLRs) in 1988. Which was the result of the Hungerford shootings where Michael Ryan went on a rampage with a legally owned, semi-automatic AK47 and other weapons.

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

So what’s wrong with a semi-automatic shotgun for game shooting? British shooting is often seen as traditional, if not hide-bound, with many taboos imposed not for legal reasons, but because people do not approve.

Browning organises some great press events; this year, it was France. New products included the X-Bolt Chassis and McMillan, along with the Maral and its straight-pull system, the Nomad, QD scope mounts, and Kite optics range! Shotguns consisted of most of their B725 and B525 series in Sport, Pro Trap and Hunter configurations and Winchester’s

Hunting is much more than just a sport or a hobby: it’s a true philosophy of life and we haven’t yet fully understood all the issues it raises.  Since time immemorial, it has inspired the cultural world – in its widest sense – and particularly, pictorial art. 

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

This type of hunting, which is widespread in Europe and much appreciated for the excitement it arouses, generally requires a large number of participants.  Obviously, this is a good thing as it allows more than one landless hunter to fully experience and share their passion.  Beyond the popular and unifying dimensions, in this most individualistic

It’s happened to all of us at least once. In the middle of a hunt, an enormous wild boar weighing about a hundred kilos takes off in front of you. Having checked he is in your angle of fire, you shoulder your weapon and pull the trigger. The shot fires, but the animal carries on! You are

It is likely that the art of falconry first appeared on the high plateaux of Central Asia 4,000 years ago. Falconry (or hunting on the wing) is the hunting of natural game in its environment using a specially-trained bird of prey.

In Belgium, we’re used to making fun of our French neighbours, and especially their ability to find excuses whenever their national football team loses a match.  “It was too windy,” “the pitch was as bad as the ref,” “the ball was flat,” etc.  Fair game, I hear you say, since our French friends are past

As with walk-up hunting, stalking large game demands patience, acute observation and absolute silence.  Originating in Germany, this practice is inspired – like the majority of hunting methods let us not forget – by the ruses used by some animals of prey in their natural surroundings to find food (from polar bear to pike, including

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

Dr. Jean-Louis LLombart is a physician and a writer, contributing to the magazine Jours de Chasse (“Hunting Days”).  He is very well versed in big game hunting in Africa, with which he fell in love some twenty years ago.  In his articles, he recounts in his elegant style his adventures on this vast continent where

So what might happen to shooters after the UK leaves the European community, here are some thoughts. 

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

Fox control does it work and what’s the best way to do it? Fox hunting with dogs and horses has been banned in the UK for a number of years now, much to the delight of the antis. Personally, I could never really see how a bunch of guys out for what is in effect a

During each period between hunting seasons, the same thing happens. You dismantle, clean and reassemble your weapons up to six times a day. You stockpile so much ammunition that you have to close off certain parts of your home. At night, you alternate between hunting and erotic dreams. Your Sundays punctuated with family meals and

Think your rifle does not need a bit of tender love and care; then think again! When it comes to keeping your guns clean; rifled firearms need to be given the biggest consideration. Fouling will start to fill up the rifling groves that spin the bullet to stabilise it. Compounding this is the copper that

OK there you are lined up on that Roe Buck and everything looks good, you squeeze the trigger and instead of dropping on the spot it runs usually into the woods. So what went wrong and more importantly what do you do? Shot placement might be out and a heart shot deer, despite being technically

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

Want to keep in practice or just have fun then try simulated game bird shooting

Today we see rimfire cartridges for small game and target shooting. However, history shows it was the first practical, self-contained ammunition. Based on the old Volcanic rifle’s Rocketball cartridge, which was a caseless design, Horace Smith (Smith & Wesson) conceived a case with a hollow rim (balloon head) that contained the priming compound, fired by

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The best scope in the world is no good unless it’s mounted correctly so what’s it all about? There are two mounting options; fixed, and quick detachable (QD), this last is normally found on switch barrel/calibre rifles or where iron sights are also required. The basic setup is a pair of fixed, dovetail bases that

Nine French hunters out of ten use a telescopic sight when hunting big game. A scope can be an indispensable help when seeking to ensure a maximum of precision. Red dots, scopes for driven hunts or scopes for stalking: with so much choice, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose! This should help

2016 has been a good year for ‘team Browning’ marksmen and women: 17 medals won at the European and World championships of Compak Sporting and Sporting! Just that!

These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

Opponents of hunting are often hermetically sealed against any arguments that hunters might advance. Regulation? They either do not believe in it or do not want to believe. The support it provides to farmers and breeders? An unacceptable rural conspiracy, and so on…

At least based on appearances, Snowy, famous canine companion to the even more famous Tintin, was certainly one… Indeed, it’s impossible not to think of this most celebrated and adorable ambassador of the breed, faithfully recreated even down to its faults – the most obvious of which is its highly ‘tenacious’ character – when calling

People select knives for different reasons and not all logical; there’s macho approach – bigger is better, or the rich man – the most fancy or expensive they can afford! Truth is you don’t need a big, fancy or expensive knife to process a large animal, and there are a number of considerations.

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After my Swedish hunt and the Italian Wild Boar hunt it was time to test the Maral in a more refined long range hunting. With Browning we decided to head to Spain for a Red Deed hunt.

Though most British hunters feel that Africa, Europe etc are exotic locations for their sport, few perhaps know that the UK is in fact a highly desirable location for shooters from around the world.

January 4, 2017
Moose Hunting in Sweden

Over a year ago Browning gave my Team and me the trust to organize 5 European Hunts. We selected together different types of hunts in Europe. Today I am here to talk to you about Sweden and its beautiful hunting areas.

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December 28, 2016
The Waiting Game

Often out hunting the action either kicks off almost right away or when you are just thinking of going home; this tale really explains it. I was out with my daughter Chloe in October for some Roebuck and an evening’s lamping on rabbits. We were in a big high seat called the scaffold that takes

December 9, 2016
Italian wild boar hunt

In late last November was Wild Boar season in Italy and it was time for me to fly to Tuscany, a region in central Italy with an area of about 23.000 square kilometers of beauty. Tuscany is known for its landscapes, traditions, history and artistic legacy. Having a strong linguistic and cultural identity, it is

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November 21, 2016
Bear hunting in Alaska

Alaska’s appeal can be found in the beauty and purity of its landscapes, and in the wildlife that is a world away from our home-grown experience. But what fans of hunting expeditions really dream of are the bears and other majestic trophy animals!

Now it’s my turn to tell you a “hunting tale”, or rather my experience as a guide-and-daughter-of-a-Belgian-hunter in a stag hunting party in the Scottish mountains. Follow me deep into the Highlands and to the Glenfinnan Estate.

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The idea of luring animals and birds in to be shot is not a new one and examples of carved and painted wooden waterfowl placed to attract those bird species is a practice that goes back hundreds of years.

Lefties make up about 10 to 15% of the population. When it comes to guns it is only natural that they have specific needs. Browning wants to address this issue by launching a range that will certainly be expanded. 

Varmint is an American word and we Brits tend say vermin to cover the various pest species that prey on crops, forestry and livestock in the UK. The list of quarry is a long one; rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, hares, mink, foxes and even Muntjac deer who are the only species that has no off

Deer shooting is a popular sport in the UK and is undertaken at many levels. From the novice stalking their first beast, professional hunters who shoot for the pleasure and challenge of the hunt and or venison.

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Bang! Bang! Bang! You’ve just emptied your magazine at a particularly imposing boar. Unfortunately, you missed the big pig because of the wind, the sun in your eyes, or any number of other reasons (beyond your control, of course: we wouldn’t cast doubt on your shooting skills). The thing is… the dark beast doesn’t look

September 21, 2016
Boar-hunting blues!

What?! Hunting boars getting you down? No, not those blues! The Small Gascony Blue – the Petit Bleu de Gascogne, the loyal, talented and best hog-hunting hound there is! 

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No, waterfowl is not a synonym for a wicked move during water polo, as I thought at first. This expression is used to describe all wild birds, both sedentary and migrant, mainly found in and around water such as ducks, waders, swans, geese, … To make things simpler, small game in an aquatic environment.

August 2, 2016
Awaiting The New Season!

As the days wane, the nights close in and the trees don their vibrant hues, a chill creeps into the air. Not the bite of wintry blusters, but just a nip to let us know a new season is at hand. As autumn approaches, my mind switches from the highs of summer deer stalking to

As we draw nearer to the roebuck rutting season (late July, early August in England) the thought of calling in that trophy buck becomes ever prominent. With long days of warm weather and the bucks chasing does, there’s plenty of action to be had if you know the right calls. Here are a few tips

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June 20, 2016
Buck Fever!

August is most definitely my favourite month in the deer stalking calendar (yes, I am very much counting down the days!), and while I have stalked all the UK deer species with the exception of Sika, the ultimate sporting quarry, for me, just has to be Roe. With the long daylight hours, warm sunny weather

Full-time Scottish deer stalker, Brent Norbury, puts our XPO Pro set through its paces in the Scottish highlands!

Ticks are present in many parts of the UK and across Europe and the number of reported cases of Lyme, though small, is rising each year. Lyme disease is the most common disease spread by ticks in the Northern Hemisphere. It is estimated to affect around 65,000 people a year in Europe. Infections are most common in the

While every sportsman’s list will be different, we’ve gathered together some of the best hunting and shooting destinations from across the globe that pair great game and beautiful country.

Browning Outdoor Ambassador, Alexandra Hellström, takes us on the journey of a lifetime – the hunt for the endemic Beceite Ibex, in the Spanish mountains.

Be apart of the UK’s largest, national female shooting day!

Are you recently new to shooting?  Wondering whether to start? Or even wanting to iron out those bad habits to avoid frustration in the field? Well, we’re here to help…  We’ve collected together the most popular advice from our professionals experience to give you Browning’s Top 5 Shooting Tips!

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A legend is reborn. As we head into 2016 with open arms, we can proudly announce Browning’s iconic Custom Shop has evolved into the John M. Browning Collection. This is a new generation, but what can you expect?

March 20, 2016
The Vampire Hunter

So the legend exists?! Vampire’s are real?! Well, I wouldn’t get too ahead of yourself just yet…

We catch up with Alberto Rizzini, professional hunter and Browning Outdoor Ambassador, to find out what really motivates him to get up and go and how important hunting is to him.

Widely used, it’s now almost impossible to find a hunting or sporting shotgun that’s not equipped with a choke. Let’s learn more.

Biased or not, having grown up involved in shooting sports and seeing all of its values, especially in hunting, I am committed to doing all I can to ensure the sustainable management of not only our surrounding wildlife but further a field too. It’s time to discover the facts of hunting conservation on the plains of Africa.

It’s a pretty well known fact that we’re not aging backwards, but what does it mean to live with a passion so strong that everything must be done to keep it alive and well? When does it start and does it ever stop? Here are a few thoughts about it…

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For our friends in Germany: will you be attending the 35th instalment of JAGD & HUND 2016? Browning will be there as “The Best There Is”, as usual.

Hunting in any mountain range commands the respect from even the most experienced hunters. In such remote hunting grounds, nature always has the upper hand. To ensure maximum safety, we discuss what gear is best for such an arduous hunt – the search for chamois!

January 19, 2016
A Place Beyond The Pines

We discover a world hidden within the Swedish pine forests, an organisation committed to training dogs for the toughest of hunting conditions and the meanest of game, wild boar…

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January 6, 2016
The Fascinating Five

We’ve culminated together some of the rarest, most coveted species from all four corners of the earth to give you a ‘Fascinating Five’ list…

We welcome a new Browning Outdoor Ambassador to our ever-growing family: Scandinavian born huntress, Alexandra Hellström, 23 years old.

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Understanding foreign hunting permit laws will certainly help you out if you’re looking at hunting abroad – Our second feature on Sport Abroad looks at the French hunting laws, whether you’re maybe moving to France or simply interested in hunting in the country, here is what you should know…

Clay pigeon shooting offers shooters a multitude of possibilities to practise in different environments – but what discipline suits you best? There’s a sport for all!

Ever wondered what it`s like to get inside the mind of a shooting professional? Meet Sam Green, a UK Browning International Sport shooter, who gives us the inside secrets to shooting success. 

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As the winter months draw nearer for us all across Europe, hunting from October-February can be bitterly cold. Getting the most out of the winter months means being well prepared for when the weather turns ugly…

Nothing in recent times causes more controversy than rifle shooters discussing whether sound moderators (suppressors) are legal or not in our neighbouring countries. Fact is, there’s much confusion, largely due to the complexity of varying laws across Europe. Let us clear some things up, once and for all.

October 29, 2015
The Weapon At Work

They are the cream of the crop, they are better than you and me, their passion has become their profession and they demand their tool’s greatest qualities. If the success of these professionals is intimately linked to their talent and years of training, well, that’s not all …

October 29, 2015
Choosing The Right Gun Dog

For centuries man has always fared better in his pursuit of game when aided by a canine. But which breed suits you? Our choices range from the likes of Retrievers to Pointers, Bloodhounds to Terriers. But with hundreds of different sporting breeds to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. To obtain a winning combination, find

For our friends in the UK will you be attending The British Shooting Show 2016 at Stoneleigh Park in February?

Understanding foreign hunting permit laws will certainly help you out if you’re looking at hunting abroad – Our first feature on Sport Abroad looks at the Belgian hunting laws, whether you’re moving to Belgium or simply interested in hunting in the country, here is what you should know…

Catherine Delaunay takes the reader into the mind of a hunter’s wife – she shares her thoughts and opinions on the matter, and how her understanding of such certain lifestyle has changed for the better!

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Knowing how to protect your dog in certain scenarios, can ultimately reduce the risk of any potential fatal accidents. We review a range of proven protective equipment that may end up saving your dogs life!

Discover the inspirations of a renowned French hunting illustrator, Thibault de Witte in just 4 questions !