Lefties make up about 10 to 15% of the population. When it comes to guns it is only natural that they have specific needs. Browning wants to address this issue by launching a range that will certainly be expanded. 

Any shooter will tell you! In order to make the perfect shot, his weapon must fit the shooter’s morphology in such a way that it becomes an extension of his arm. Barrel length, size and shape of the stock and plate are all important parameters that an experienced rifleman will take into account.

The civil BAR version, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is one of the best selling hunting rifles in the world. There are over 1 100 000 BAR rifles in use. Therefore, Browning is proud to introduce the BAR MK3 Composite this year. This weapon offers hand cocking for more safety and is also available in a lefty version! So no more awkward burns caused by ejected cartridges…


Our catalogue offers a wide range of guns for lefties. As shotguns go, the B525 Game 1, Sporter and Hunter exist in a lefty version. In the famous B725 family, most of the Sporter, Hunter and Pro Trap weapons are available for left-handed people. As regards the rifles, lefties will be very happy to learn that the sober but nevertheless very efficient X-Bolt Hunter is waiting for them at the gun store.

Weapons, and more…

Another domain where left and right handed people have different needs: clothing. Excessive marketing, snake oil sales men? Not at all! Here’s an example, the shooting jacket from the Masters II range allows you to put a recoil absorbing pad into a pocket on the right hand shoulder… or the left.


Now you’ll know that, if your lefty friend misses his target it will be because he is just clumsy, not because he’s a lefty… And you can tell him a lefty told you!