Understanding foreign hunting permit laws will certainly help you out if you’re looking at hunting abroad – Our first feature on Sport Abroad looks at the Belgian hunting laws, whether you’re moving to Belgium or simply interested in hunting in the country, here is what you should know…

In Wallonia, holding a hunting license is subject to passing a practical/theory examination upon joining, organized by the Walloon administration once a year (usually on the first Saturday following the first Sunday in March) . It is imperative to be 16+ on the date of the examination.

The theory test is in the form of multiple choice questions, and tests your knowledge on the following subjects:

  •   The regulations on hunting and conservation of nature
  • Venison, wild animals, hunting dogs, facilities and management of hunting grounds
  • Weapons, ammunition and hunting ethics.

The practical test, accessible only to candidates who have completed the theoretical examination includes:

  • A recognition test  on weapons and hunting ammunition;
  •  Weapon handling – real life hunting scenarios
  • Shooting examination on clay targets and silhouette targets of game.

To prepare for the exams, hunting associations offer courses and practical training. Note that the success of the theory test in the Walloon Region is recognised by the Flemish Region and vice versa.


In Flanders (Flemish) region, two hunting permits are issued:

  • The hunting permit valid every day of the hunting season
  • The hunting license valid only on Sundays.


Hunting in Wallonia/Flanders region?

In Wallonia,  as well as in the Flanders region, hunting licenses can be obtained for a maximum of five consecutive days, by a permit holder hunter for the benefit of his guest not living the in the region, provided that the latter is an owner of a hunting license in his home region.