• Maxus 2, the king of surveys and ergonomics!

    I have always felt comfortable with the Maxus. It is a highly reliable and robust gas operated semi-automatic, that is precise and easy to handle. Browning certainly has some experience in this argument. And has done for a few years now… It was time to introduce new developments with the Maxus 2.

    A proven mechanism!

    Power Drive

    At the heart of all this is the Power Drive piston, optimised to tame super magnum cartridges. For the evacuation of the gas the “active” valve has eight large diameter exhaust ports, that quickly vent and reduce recoil, and it also has a longer stroke that allows a longer stay in the gas intake cylinder and the use of a smaller quantity of gas, to the benefit of cleaning procedures. Operation is thus guaranteed with charges starting from 28 grams.

    Speed Loading

    And the speed? Not only for the system and the trigger, but also for the quick feeding operation. Speed Load Plus is a very convenient Browning feature: by inserting the cartridge into the tubular magazine with the bolt open, it is brought directly into the chamber and the bolt closes.

    Cut Off

    The unloading function quickly and easily empties the magazine tube, without having to individually chamber the cartridges: just raise the elevator and manually intervene on the cartridge stop lever in the feed window. The classic cut-off lever on the left side, locking the tube, allows you to replace the cartridge in the chamber.

    What’s new with the Maxus 2

    Results of a survey

    Well. After more than 10 years, Browning have turned their attention to their gas operated semi-automatic… It’s even better! Well yes: an example of reliability and efficiency can still be improved or, at least, updated for the newest demands of the market.

    Browning conducted an in-depth survey to precisely identify the expectations of hunters, who want a semi-automatic shotgun that performs particularly well in terms of handling and comfort, versatility and ergonomics.

    Textured rubber inserts

    The stock of the new Maxus 2 takes advantage of the experience and development the company has also applied to other forms of hunting and rifles. On the synthetic composite material stock, large over-injected panels have been strategically placed on the forend and pistol grip: the “grip” is comfortable and assured in all weather conditions.

    Improved comfort

    The cheek piece, then, is made with Reactar gel to better protect the shooter’s face, especially when firing heavier cartridges. The forend is much more streamlined, with a screw-on magazine cap. The bolt lever, the bolt release button and the hand guard are oversized to allow easy handling, even when wearing gloves.

    Easier compliance

    There are still the 6 shims supplied to change the drop and the pitch of the stock. In addition, there is a 7 mm spacer that can be added to the 32 mm thick Inflex 2 recoil pad mounted on the firearm, while a 12mm spacer and 12-, 20- and 25-mm recoils are available as options, to better modify the length of pull. The Inflex 2 recoil pad, one of the most effective on the market, directs the recoil thrust downwards, thus avoiding the shooter’s cheek.
    The stock can also be cut back by a maximum of 2cm.

    The goal is maximum controllability, given by a perfect balance.

    Reworked design

    The anodized black Ergal frame is streamlined: it maintains classic shapes, with rounded bevels and a groove that follows the stock and forend profile.

    The bolt is made of three solid pieces of steel. In the two new Composite black magnum and super magnum versions, the straight and slightly concave sides of the bolt carrier are jewelled, matt on the two camouflage versions with Max5 and Mobuc patterns.

    Steel shot proved chokes and barrels

    The barrel, with 6 mm rib, is available in the two 660- and 710-mm standard lengths. The 760 mm barrel is only available for the super magnum versions, i.e., with 89 mm (3.5”) chamber. All barrels are steel shot proof and so are the five Vector plus chokes: Improved cylinder (¼), Modified (½), Improved modified (¾), Full and Modified (½) with 50 mm extension.

    The original internal geometry of the barrel includes a long forcing cone and the back bore so dear to Browning. The overbored barrel and the VectorPro elongated forcing cone make it possible to deform the lead load less and thus improve the quality of the shot pattern and reduce the recoil sensation. The jump of the barrel in the Maxus 2 system is also decidedly contained.

    A shotgun that is the extension of the hunter’s body, designed to improve performance in all forms of hunting.

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