• Browning blog: why shoot corvids?

    Why shoot corvids?

    Caw, caw, caw! A black shape emerges out of the morning gloom, circling above the bird decoys you have set up a few metres away from your hiding place.  Quick as a flash, you stand, shoulder your Maxus and fire a Winchester Special Corneille.  It falls to the ground.  You’re happy, and so is the farmer.  Shooting crows and rooks is becoming more and more popular with hunters.  We’re going to explain why.

  • Browning blog: T-Bolt, the right tool for pest control

    T-Bolt: the right tool for pest control

    In 2011, I bagged my very first deer in the UK and that was when I made up my mind that I wanted hunting to be a full-time hobby. And what better way to do that than with a T-Bolt!

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – May 2019

    Another month filled with diverse photos of nature, there are wild boar, fox, deer and other small game.

  • Browning Blog : Fox Stalking in summer

    Fox stalking in summer

    While most hunters are hanging up their shotguns and rifles as the hunting season draws to a close, some are counting down the days to the 1st of June when, certain circumstances permitting, they will have ample opportunity to indulge in the wonderful solo hunting experience of fox stalking in summer.

  • Browning Blog: Pest management in the United kingdom (fox and rabbit)

    Pest management in the United Kingdom

    In my opinion, small game starts with rabbits and stops with foxes: I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, that both of the above populations require careful management across the country. I can say with confidence that almost every single hunter would pull the trigger if he saw a fox in front of him, in the right situation.

  • Browning Blog - United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    A bison-sized 4×4 cuts its way across Far West scenery. A vast, desert expanse spreads beyond view. The temperature is touching 40°C; not enough to deter a dozen or so antelopes from nibbling at the tufts of burnt grass. The turns in the road reveal the occasional village peering out of the dust like lunar colonies.

  • browning-blog-foxing-work-or-sport

    Foxing in the UK: work or sport ?

    Fox control does it work and what’s the best way to do it? Fox hunting with dogs and horses has been banned in the UK for a number of years now, much to the delight of the antis. Personally, I could never really see how a bunch of guys out for what is in effect a pleasant morning’s gallop could have any real affect on Britain’s alpha predator!

  • Let’s talk about decoys – Plastic Pigeons & Electronic rabbits

    The idea of luring animals and birds in to be shot is not a new one and examples of carved and painted wooden waterfowl placed to attract those bird species is a practice that goes back hundreds of years.