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    Pictures of the month – January 2019

    The hunting season is coming to an end, but we still want to immerse you in this atmosphere with this selection of photos. You will see wild boar, deer, and trackers.

  • Browning Blog : Alexandra Hellstrom deer-hunting hungary

    How to track an injured deer ?

    OK there you are lined up on that Roe Buck and everything looks good, you squeeze the trigger and instead of dropping on the spot it runs usually into the woods. So what went wrong and more importantly what do you do? Shot placement might be out and a heart shot deer, despite being technically dead can run 100 yards more or less and will always try and go to ground and hide. Worse if it’s gut shot, it will hunch as it’s hit and also run, but further as the wound, though fatal is not instantly so.

  • Mountain Stalking – Get In Gear!

    Hunting in any mountain range commands the respect from even the most experienced hunters. In such remote hunting grounds, nature always has the upper hand. To ensure maximum safety, we discuss what gear is best for such an arduous hunt – the search for chamois!