• Browning blog - Are you sure you are safe?

    Are you sure you are safe?

    Oh, I know, the topic is a thorny one. But there is little to joke about. In all activities where guns are used, especially hunting, either you follow precise safety protocols, or you get hurt. How many times do you hear or read in the media of “accident” or “fatality”?

  • Browning blog: Ben takes up shooting

    Ben takes up shooting

    “Do you want a go?” A friendly Belgian chap was offering me a rifle at a shooting range in a Second World war fort (fort of Flémalle).

  • Browning blog - safety : shooting angles

    Safety: shooting angles on the hunt

    We consider the ability to predict where your shot will go and its ramifications.

  • Browning Blog : How to anticipate riskes of a hunting day

    How to anticipate the risks of a hunting day

    Hunting is doubtless an adventure, whether you just drive a few miles to a small piece of land you have permission on or take the plunge and gear up for a trip overseas, the risks can be the same. So,  an amount of pre-planning and preparedness will increase your chances of having a good time, or not having a bad one.

  • Browning Blog : a safe day's hunting

    A safe day’s hunting

    Hunting is a risky passion that requires the utmost preparation before and during the day’s hunt. So here is a quick review of some of the safety aspects that should always be borne in mind.

  • Browning blog: 5 reasons to buy a Browning safe

    5 reasons to buy a Browning safe

    With lawmakers casting a foreboding shadow over the gun and hunting sectors, a gun safe is an increasingly recommended item of equipment. Some countries in Europe require all gun owners to have one, and others may soon follow suit.

  • Is it an acceptable alternative for semi-auto?

    Is the self-loading sporting rifle on the way out in Europe?

    We British lost the right to own self-loading, centrefire rifles (SLRs) in 1988. Which was the result of the Hungerford shootings where Michael Ryan went on a rampage with a legally owned, semi-automatic AK47 and other weapons.

  • Knife choice : cutting comments

    People select knives for different reasons and not all logical; there’s macho approach – bigger is better, or the rich man – the most fancy or expensive they can afford! Truth is you don’t need a big, fancy or expensive knife to process a large animal, and there are a number of considerations.

  • How to react to a charging boar?

    Bang! Bang! Bang! You’ve just emptied your magazine at a particularly imposing boar. Unfortunately, you missed the big pig because of the wind, the sun in your eyes, or any number of other reasons (beyond your control, of course: we wouldn’t cast doubt on your shooting skills). The thing is… the dark beast doesn’t look happy at being shot at!