• Browning blog: how to zero your scope with only four shots

    How to zero your scope with only four shots

    When shooting in the summertime, you need to check your scope is adjusted before considering that first outing to hunt buck or fox.  We’d like to show you how to zero your rifle with just four rounds.

  • Close range hunting optics: scopes versus red dot sights

    I’m a big fan of iron sights and my rifles for the more serious game have them fitted JUST IN CASE, sure I normally use a scope, but there are times when something simpler is better. However, ‘irons’ have their limitations, not the least of which is trying to keep front and rear elements in focus along with your target. So, is there a compromise?

  • Browning Blog: Advice chosing scope hunting shooting

    My old hunter’s advice to choose your first scope

    There is a very common question people ask: “I am new to stalking/hunting, can someone suggest what type of scope I need for different kinds of hunting?”

  • browning-blog-fitting-scope

    Fitting a scope : Tight and right

    The best scope in the world is no good unless it’s mounted correctly so what’s it all about? There are two mounting options; fixed, and quick detachable (QD), this last is normally found on switch barrel/calibre rifles or where iron sights are also required. The basic setup is a pair of fixed, dovetail bases that screw to the top of the rifle’s receiver (bridges).

  • Browning Blog - How to choose scope - optic

    How to choose your shooting scope

    Nine French hunters out of ten use a telescopic sight when hunting big game. A scope can be an indispensable help when seeking to ensure a maximum of precision. Red dots, scopes for driven hunts or scopes for stalking: with so much choice, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose! This should help with your decision.