• Browning Blog: Taking your guns and ammo overseas

    Taking your guns and ammo overseas

    I always find it amusing that many shooters put a lot of time, effort and expense into their equipment, and hone their marksmanship skills. Yet when offered the chance to take it overseas, feel it’s too much hassle. I’ve hunted in Europe and Africa and have always taken my own guns; why, because that is why I bought them.

  • Browning Blog : How to anticipate riskes of a hunting day

    How to anticipate the risks of a hunting day

    Hunting is doubtless an adventure, whether you just drive a few miles to a small piece of land you have permission on or take the plunge and gear up for a trip overseas, the risks can be the same. So,  an amount of pre-planning and preparedness will increase your chances of having a good time, or not having a bad one.

  • Browning Blog - United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    A bison-sized 4×4 cuts its way across Far West scenery. A vast, desert expanse spreads beyond view. The temperature is touching 40°C; not enough to deter a dozen or so antelopes from nibbling at the tufts of burnt grass. The turns in the road reveal the occasional village peering out of the dust like lunar colonies.

  • Browning Blog : Alexandra Hellstrom deer-hunting hungary

    Deer-hunting in Hungary’s oak forests

    The only sound we hear as we make our way stealthily towards our stand is that of acorns tumbling through the autumn foliage and falling onto the surrounding ground. The air is cool, the wind merely a gentle draft, as we move slowly among the oaks, beech trees, limes and ash. I’m out with my guide and tracker, Arpi, for a third day in the Hungarian forest. So far, things have been quiet; our only sightings have been groups of mouflon, the occasional red deer hind and a stag that sported a fine set of budding horns but was too young to hunt. I can’t fail to notice my tracker’s growing unease over the fact that we haven’t yet found a suitable stag for me. No doubt he’s asking himself, ‘When will our luck change?’

  • Bear hunting in Alaska

    Alaska’s appeal can be found in the beauty and purity of its landscapes, and in the wildlife that is a world away from our home-grown experience. But what fans of hunting expeditions really dream of are the bears and other majestic trophy animals!

  • Following Alistair on a Highland stag hunt

    Now it’s my turn to tell you a “hunting tale”, or rather my experience as a guide-and-daughter-of-a-Belgian-hunter in a stag hunting party in the Scottish mountains. Follow me deep into the Highlands and to the Glenfinnan Estate.

  • The Ultimate Bucket List: Sport Abroad

    While every sportsman’s list will be different, we’ve gathered together some of the best hunting and shooting destinations from across the globe that pair great game and beautiful country.

  • The Hunt For Spanish Beceite Ibex

    Browning Outdoor Ambassador, Alexandra Hellström, takes us on the journey of a lifetime – the hunt for the endemic Beceite Ibex, in the Spanish mountains.

  • The Heart of Africa: Hunting for Conservation

    Biased or not, having grown up involved in shooting sports and seeing all of its values, especially in hunting, I am committed to doing all I can to ensure the sustainable management of not only our surrounding wildlife but further a field too. It’s time to discover the facts of hunting conservation on the plains of Africa.

  • Pines

    A Place Beyond The Pines

    We discover a world hidden within the Swedish pine forests, an organisation committed to training dogs for the toughest of hunting conditions and the meanest of game, wild boar…

  • The Fascinating Five

    We’ve culminated together some of the rarest, most coveted species from all four corners of the earth to give you a ‘Fascinating Five’ list…