• Browning blog: how to zero your scope with only four shots

    How to zero your scope with only four shots

    When shooting in the summertime, you need to check your scope is adjusted before considering that first outing to hunt buck or fox.  We’d like to show you how to zero your rifle with just four rounds.

  • Browning blog: wildlife management (deer)

    Wildlife management (for deer specifically)

    When walking around your permission/hunting ground you should always look closely at everything around you, the grass, trees, fencing, tree-stands, and streams. All of them require management or simple maintenance. Part of our job is to look after not just the infrastructure which we put in, but also to make sure that the rest of the ground is in the best possible state it can be; by doing so we actually encourage the wildlife to grow and thrive.

  • This hunt that will always be remembered!

    Everyone has the time of their life on a hunt. There is no such thing as a bad time on a hunt: some are good, some are great and some are just bloody amazing. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you will remember it for the rest of your life. These kinds of stories make the best memories.

  • Browning blog : shooting distance

    Up to which shooting distance can we still talk about hunting?

    I often listen to people talking about distances and how far they can shoot. Well, here is my take on it.

  • Browning Blog: Pest management in the United kingdom (fox and rabbit)

    Pest management in the United Kingdom

    In my opinion, small game starts with rabbits and stops with foxes: I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, that both of the above populations require careful management across the country. I can say with confidence that almost every single hunter would pull the trigger if he saw a fox in front of him, in the right situation.

  • Browning Blog : Offseason preparation and training

    Offseason preparation and training

    Hunting seasons are very different from one country to the next, and that is exactly why I consider myself a very lucky man. I live and hunt in England where technically hunting happens all year round. If you are lucky enough to have permission to hunt the ground where muntjac is present, then you will have deer stalking for 365 days a year. Muntjac, rabbits, pigeon, wild boar, crows and foxes can be hunted all year round and most of the above (except muntjac) can be shot at night too.

  • Browning blog : What makes Browning over-and-under shotguns so durable?

    What makes Browning over-and-under shotguns so durable?

    I often get the chance to work at hunting fairs in Europe, but whether in France, Germany, Sweden or England, one question comes up time after time. “Hello, I shoot with a B25 purchased in the 1960s and I wanted to know why Browning shotguns stand out from the rest with their extraordinary longevity”? Well, here are some of the answers.

  • Blog-Browning-Simulated-Shotgunning

    We tried a simulated shotgunning

    Want to keep in practice or just have fun then try simulated game bird shooting

  • palmares-2016-sporting-Browning

    International Sports Shooting Championships 2016: a summary of the results

    2016 has been a good year for ‘team Browning’ marksmen and women: 17 medals won at the European and World championships of Compak Sporting and Sporting! Just that!

  • Bear hunting in Alaska

    Alaska’s appeal can be found in the beauty and purity of its landscapes, and in the wildlife that is a world away from our home-grown experience. But what fans of hunting expeditions really dream of are the bears and other majestic trophy animals!

  • Everything you need to know about deer management

    Deer shooting is a popular sport in the UK and is undertaken at many levels. From the novice stalking their first beast, professional hunters who shoot for the pleasure and challenge of the hunt and or venison.

  • Passion in an old man's eyes and smile

    Hunting time: when passion has no age

    It’s a pretty well known fact that we’re not aging backwards, but what does it mean to live with a passion so strong that everything must be done to keep it alive and well? When does it start and does it ever stop? Here are a few thoughts about it…

  • The Fascinating Five

    We’ve culminated together some of the rarest, most coveted species from all four corners of the earth to give you a ‘Fascinating Five’ list…

  • Europe and rifle silencers

    Can I use my sound moderator abroad?

    Nothing in recent times causes more controversy than rifle shooters discussing whether sound moderators (suppressors) are legal or not in our neighbouring countries. Fact is, there’s much confusion, largely due to the complexity of varying laws across Europe. Let us clear some things up, once and for all.

  • British Shooting Show 2016

    The British Shooting Show 2016

    For our friends in the UK will you be attending The British Shooting Show 2016 at Stoneleigh Park in February?