• Browning blog : Brittany Spaniel

    A few words on the Brittany spaniel

    The famous XIXth century Alpine hunter, Alpinus (real name Henry-Frédéric Faige-Blanc) used to say that dogs are “man’s better half“. It’s difficult to argue otherwise, especially when you’re a hunter! Hence, in our continuing look at our dear four-legged helpers in this blog, we have decided to talk about one of the most common breeds in this part of the world: the Brittany spaniel.

  • Browning blog - Hunting dogs: our best friends and helpers.

    Hunting dogs: our best friends and helpers.

    There are a few ways of hunting which spring to mind when you think about hunting with dogs. Now the reason I said ‘few’ is that here in the UK, driven hunting for animals like boar and deer is not common practice – in fact, it’s actually illegal.

  • Browning Blog : A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    Hunting is sometimes full of surprises.  To tell the truth, the story I have decided to share with you today will seem so curious and unusual that the reader will easily understand that I hesitated a great deal before deciding to recount it.

    It was last December, in the heart of my native Normandy. A week before it took place, I had received an invitation to participate in a wild boar hunt through a long-time friend, a great wild boar enthusiast and an excellent shot.

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – November 2017

    We are in the hunting season, so we have decided to offer you pictures with several hunting scenes, but also some beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes.

  • The Fox Terrier, a companion of character

    At least based on appearances, Snowy, famous canine companion to the even more famous Tintin, was certainly one… Indeed, it’s impossible not to think of this most celebrated and adorable ambassador of the breed, faithfully recreated even down to its faults – the most obvious of which is its highly ‘tenacious’ character – when calling to mind the Fox Terrier. For if Hergé

  • Moose Hunting in Sweden

    Over a year ago Browning gave my Team and me the trust to organize 5 European Hunts. We selected together different types of hunts in Europe. Today I am here to talk to you about Sweden and its beautiful hunting areas.

  • Boar-hunting blues!

    What?! Hunting boars getting you down? No, not those blues! The Small Gascony Blue – the Petit Bleu de Gascogne, the loyal, talented and best hog-hunting hound there is! 

  • Pines

    A Place Beyond The Pines

    We discover a world hidden within the Swedish pine forests, an organisation committed to training dogs for the toughest of hunting conditions and the meanest of game, wild boar…

  • Hunter and his dog - Choosing the right gun dog

    Choosing The Right Gun Dog

    For centuries man has always fared better in his pursuit of game when aided by a canine. But which breed suits you? Our choices range from the likes of Retrievers to Pointers, Bloodhounds to Terriers. But with hundreds of different sporting breeds to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. To obtain a winning combination, find the canine that best describes you…

  • Dog Equipment

    Choosing the right equipment for your hunting dog

    Knowing how to protect your dog in certain scenarios, can ultimately reduce the risk of any potential fatal accidents. We review a range of proven protective equipment that may end up saving your dogs life!