• Browning blog : 5 films that let you enjoy hunting from your sofa

    5 films that let you enjoy hunting from your sofa

    So, you’ve made a deal with the Devil Mrs: every second Sunday, you’ll leave your gun in the safe and chill out with her on a Netflix binge. Although I can’t agree with such a course of action personally, you can play it smart and stay a step ahead of your dearly beloved. How? you ask. With a list of films about hunting!

  • Browning blog : informal rough shoot

    In praise of the informal rough shoot (la billebaude)

    Among the myriad hunting techniques, there is one that, in our view, is truly redolent of freedom and – we’ll just come right out and say it – rare authenticity. The advantage of this technique that has been adopted by modern-day wildlife photographers (unaware of its origins) and which inspired a famous work of literature by Henri Vincenot, is that it wraps its practitioners in a sweet uncertainty, requiring that they place themselves in the hands of chance in more ways than one.

  • Browning blog : Shotshow - Browning licencees

    Shot Show 2019: Browning, more than just guns

    Ask an American which monuments symbolise his country and he’ll tell you about the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Hollywood sign on the hills above Los Angeles. Talk to him about brands that symbolise the American Dream, and there’s a good chance that Browning will be one of the first names mentioned.

  • Browning Blog - African Swine Fever

    African swine fever [part 1 in a series on game diseases]

    There is one disease in this overview of illnesses affecting game that is garnering a lot of attention – and, unfortunately, we probably haven’t heard the last of it: African swine fever.

  • browning-blog-press-day-event

    Browning’s 2017 press event proved a real eye opener

    Browning organises some great press events; this year, it was France. New products included the X-Bolt Chassis and McMillan, along with the Maral and its straight-pull system, the Nomad, QD scope mounts, and Kite optics range! Shotguns consisted of most of their B725 and B525 series in Sport, Pro Trap and Hunter configurations and Winchester’s latest SX4 semi-auto.

  • Browning-blog-miguel-angel-moraleda-wildlife-artist

    Miguel Angel Moraleda: Wildlife artist

    Hunting is much more than just a sport or a hobby: it’s a true philosophy of life and we haven’t yet fully understood all the issues it raises.  Since time immemorial, it has inspired the cultural world – in its widest sense – and particularly, pictorial art. 

  • browning-blog-interview-jean-louis-llombart-big-game-hunt

    Interview with Jean-Louis LLombart on hunting Big Game in Africa

    Dr. Jean-Louis LLombart is a physician and a writer, contributing to the magazine Jours de Chasse (“Hunting Days”).  He is very well versed in big game hunting in Africa, with which he fell in love some twenty years ago.  In his articles, he recounts in his elegant style his adventures on this vast continent where Nature reigns supreme and Animals, by their power and splendour, seem to require a capital A.

  • Bear hunting in Alaska

    Alaska’s appeal can be found in the beauty and purity of its landscapes, and in the wildlife that is a world away from our home-grown experience. But what fans of hunting expeditions really dream of are the bears and other majestic trophy animals!

  • How to react to a charging boar?

    Bang! Bang! Bang! You’ve just emptied your magazine at a particularly imposing boar. Unfortunately, you missed the big pig because of the wind, the sun in your eyes, or any number of other reasons (beyond your control, of course: we wouldn’t cast doubt on your shooting skills). The thing is… the dark beast doesn’t look happy at being shot at!

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – June 2016

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

  • The Vampire Hunter

    So the legend exists?! Vampire’s are real?! Well, I wouldn’t get too ahead of yourself just yet…

  • Painting by Thibault de Witte – Hunting illustrator

    4 Questions For A Hunting Illustrator

    Discover the inspirations of a renowned French hunting illustrator, Thibault de Witte in just 4 questions !