We catch up with Alberto Rizzini, professional hunter and Browning Outdoor Ambassador, to find out what really motivates him to get up and go and how important hunting is to him.

Welcome to the blog Alberto, could you give us a brief overview of how you got where you are today in the world of hunting?

AR:  Born in 1982, most of my childhood memories revolved around hunting. My family always let me do the sports that I wanted, but hunting was my favourite. My father, Carlo Rizzini, has taught me all I know about hunting. He always brought me with him on any hunting trips. Sometimes it was too cold for me to stay in the hide, so I would sleep in the car until sunrise, then walk to the hide, and spend the rest of the day with my father and his friends.”

How and why did you get into hunting?


AR:  It is in my blood.


AR:  I love nature. During my hunting life, I’ve learnt a lot about the different animals and they taught me to understand nature. Thanks to them now it has become easier for me to confront myself with nature’s elements. The sound of the wind, the taste of the rain and the fragrance of the land – it is unique once you understand them. For most people it is a discomfort. Hunting is not my sport, its my lifestyle.

Red Stag Packed Out

What projects are you currently working on? Any hunting trips coming up?

AR:  I’m currently finishing a global project for Browning. But,  I am sorry; I cannot talk about it right now!  The vermin season is starting soon so I will be hunting foxes and crows to help farmers in the lamming season.

What is it about hunting/shooting you love?

AR:  One thing about hunting that I love is the moment of the kill. Seconds become minutes. I am so concentrated, I can feel that the prey has spotted me and feels my presence. My breathing becomes my timing. Then, the shot and everything speeds up again.

Swedish Moose Hunt

Do you see hunting/shooting as your job or your passion?

AR:  Most people in life would love to make their passion their job. However, it is important that when it becomes your job you do not lose the passion. For me, I have a passion-driven job.

Do you have a particular favourite Browning rifle or shotgun? Calibre?

AR:  At the moment, I have been using for wing shooting the A5 in 12 gauge for some of the hunts. In other occasions the B725 in 20 bore. Out deer stalking the Maral in 30-06 or the X-bolt on 300WM. I love them all please don’t make me choose..


Do you have a particular favourite Browning clothing set?

AR:  It has to be Browning’s Featherlight range. I even used the Pants to go for dinner with my wife. Classy I have to say!!

Finally, as an ambassador for us you do exceptional work, but what is your weekly motivation to go out and succeed?

AR:  I rather live a day like a Lion then a thousand years like a sheep. Nothing, is given free in life you need to take life by the horns and pace your way through it!


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