2016 has been a good year for ‘team Browning’ marksmen and women: 17 medals won at the European and World championships of Compak Sporting and Sporting! Just that!

Browning sponsors many top rank athletes who excel in such disciplines as Compak Sporting and Sporting. This year, we’re proud to announce that our shooters have harvested no less than 17 medals at major international championships!

 Results for Compak Sporting

Compak Sporting, for those who don’t know, is a discipline between Sporting and Trap. The shooting range consists of 5 firing points, with cages to limit their angles and prevent the shooters from aiming towards their neighbours.  There are all sorts of targets with a maximum of 15% rabbit (the bullseye).

Each post features a menu that shows the target order the shooter must observe, whether in mounted position or not.


source: http://www.le-ball-trap.fr/


Compak Sporting European Championship 2016

Last year, the European Championship took place in Sarlospuszta (Hungary) from the 28/04 to the 01/05. And here are the results for our athletes:

  •  Johan Leboeuf (France): Junior Team Gold Medal (B725 grade 5)
  • Casper Larsen (Danemark): Junior Team Bronze Medal (XS)
  • Amy Easeman (UK): Women’s Team Silver Medal (B725 Black)
  • Aline Dulary (France): Women’s Team Bronze Medal (B525)
  • Tony Manvell (UK): Veteran Team Silver Medal


Johan Leboeuf – Junior Team Gold Medal


Compak Sporting World Championship 2016

The World Championship took place in Churchill, United Kingdom, from the 24th to the 27th of August. Our athletes excelled:

  • Josh Bridges (UK): Individual Gold Medal AND Junior Team Silver Medal (B725 Pro Trap)
  • Johan Leboeuf (France): Junior Team Gold Medal (B725 grade 5)
  • Amy Easeman (UK): Women’s Team Gold Medal (B725 Black)
  • Aline Dulary (France): Women’s Team Bronze Medal (B525)
  • Tony Manvell (UK) World Cup Bronze Medal


Josh Bridges (UK): Gold & Silver Medals


Results for Sporting

Sporting Clay course hunting is a discipline that aims to simulate real hunting conditions for the shooter. Numerous launchers are needed to simulate the trajectories of a flight of partridge, woodcock, duck or pheasant…

One square-metre zones mark the firing points. The courses offered are similar to real hunt conditions with varying levels of difficulty in regard to vegetation, topography, etc. All trajectories are permitted.


source: https://www.solognac.co.uk/


European Sporting Championship 2016

Last year’s European Sporting Clays Championship took place in Saint-Lambert, France, from the 2nd to the 5th of May. The Browning shooters did not go home empty-handed:

  • Aline Dulary (France): Individual Women’s Bronze Medal (B525)
  • Josh Bridges (UK): Junior Team Silver Medal (B725 Pro Tra)
  • Aurore Logghe (France): Women’s Team Gold Medal


Aline Dulary (France): Individual Women’s Bronze Medal


World Sporting Championship 2016

Finally, the World Championship took place last year in Piancardato, Italy, from the 14th to the 17th of July. Once again, our shooters were able to pull some irons from the fire!

  • Josh Bridges (UK): Individual Junior Silver Medal (B725 Pro Trap)
  • Josh Bridges (UK): Junior Team Bronze Medal (B725 Pro Trap)
  • Aurore Logghe (France): Women’s Team Silver Medal


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