As the winter months draw nearer for us all across Europe, hunting from October-February can be bitterly cold. Getting the most out of the winter months means being well prepared for when the weather turns ugly…

Whether you´re on post in France patiently waiting  for wild boar to appear, or in Scandinavia stalking for bull moose in the snow, it´s easy to get miserable when things take a turn for the worse…

Choosing the right equipment

Not wearing the right gear can often make the hunter feel unable to function smoothly at the crucial moment game appears. With average temperatures ranging from around 7°C to   -0°C, you need to regulate your body temperature. The different technologies used for Browning official products let you do just that.

Thinsulate insulation

Browning uses Thinsulate Insulation in your:

to help keep you as warm as possible in the cold conditions outside.

How ?

The unique microfibers or fine fibers that make up Thinsulate insulation work by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. The more air the material traps in a given space, the better it insulates you from the cold outside air, as the fibers are finer than fibers used in most other synthetic or natural insulation, they trap more air in less space, which naturally makes Thinsulate insulation a better insulator.


PreVent™ is our watertight, windproof and breathable techno-material.

The impermeability rating at 10.000mm and the care taken in product design for preventing all water infiltration guarantee that our PreVent™ wear is of the very highest quality. PreVent™ marked clothing is designed to resist against rain, snow, wind squalls whilst remaining breathable and comfortable for the hunter at the same time.

Go-to winter gear

  • XPO BIG GAME™: The NEW XPO BIG GAME series has been specially designed in cooperation with innovative designers to produce an outfit suitable for the coldest of weather conditions.
  • The Green PARKA jacket provides you, the hunter, the ideal protection and comfort.
  • Combined with your jacket, keep your lower body as warm with the Green BIB pants.

Head, hands & feet

Considerable heat escapes via your head and neck. Wearing a hat and even a scarf, along with securely closing the collar of your jacket, can make all the difference.

  • Keep your head warm with our Reversible Polar Fleece Hat
  • Keep your hands warm with our Green Mittens/Gloves with zip fastener and inner gloves, pulling the trigger is made easier by not having to remove the mitten, maintaining hand warmth, comfort and function.
  • For an alternative maybe try out the new 2015 Light Green Winter Stalker Gloves – adapted for easier trigger function but not as warm as the mitten.
  • Keep your feet warm with our ergonomic, thermolite socks designed especially to regulate your feet temperature against the cold.

Driven hunting this winter ?

We have that covered! As an alternative to the Green Series Jacket try our Blaze Orange PARKA jacket combined with the Blaze Orange XPO Cap perfect when you need to be seen by other hunters and beaters close to you on a driven hunt day.


Our range of cold weather clothing has been designed with a sole purpose. By uniting our knowledge of hunting and innovative technologies in material, we provide you with what we believe is the warmest, most weatherproof hunting equipment available, most suited for the winter months.