Knowing how to protect your dog in certain scenarios, can ultimately reduce the risk of any potential fatal accidents. We review a range of proven protective equipment that may end up saving your dogs life!

“Solutions do exist to reduce the risk”

Your dog races off after wild boar tracks. The potential for boar retaliation is high and injuries caused can be sometimes fatal. Across countries where driven hunts are most popular, they unfortunately no longer count the number of hunting accidents that have taken the lives of their 4-legged companions. Yet, solutions do exist to reduce the risk to protect our furry hunters. Let’s review the vests and other protection kits that have been proven.

The Dog Vest : Fundamental Protection

Dog jackets or protection vests have several roles:

  • Their fluorescent colour (orange or yellow) can be identified from distance, so they are not confused as game.
  • The composition (between 5 and 8 layers) offers them significant protection in a wild boar attack. The blows and potential wounds given by the boars defences are stopped by the vest.

Browning has designed different models of protective jackets for dogs. The Protect One jacket resists perforation up to 210 kg, while the Protect Pro model supports a 300 Kg force.


Protect Pro

Accessories for increasing the protected surface

The vest protects the dog’s body (lungs, heart, stomach), but some parts are still vulnerable. It is for this reason that Browning has created additional protection kits adaptable to vests.

There are, among others:

  • The Velcro Female Kit that fully protects the lower abdomen and the breasts of your bitch,
  •  The Thigh or Shoulders Protection Kit can significantly increase the areas covered,
  •  The extension kit for the neck  to adapt the coverage area to the shape of your dog.

Harnesses, collars and leads suited to your hunting style

You are perhaps not an adept practitioner of big game hunting. Your dog is not exposed -to first view- the dangers of wild boar attacks.

If you own a retriever, a spaniel or a terrier, you may appreciate our two sling models. One is suited for dogs who work most often in ponds/marshes – they will not hesitate to take the plunge. The other is designed to not lose track of small hyperactive dogs, which sink into the bushes and brambles.

Finally, you´ll find collars of all sizes and colours, as well as singular leads, couples or triples to hold your pack of champions from you.
What do you think of our equipment suitable for your four-legged friends? Have they been helpful during an outing?

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