• Browning blog: why shoot corvids?

    Why shoot corvids?

    Caw, caw, caw! A black shape emerges out of the morning gloom, circling above the bird decoys you have set up a few metres away from your hiding place.  Quick as a flash, you stand, shoulder your Maxus and fire a Winchester Special Corneille.  It falls to the ground.  You’re happy, and so is the farmer.  Shooting crows and rooks is becoming more and more popular with hunters.  We’re going to explain why.

  • Browning blog : Fawns in danger - Drones to the rescue

    Fawns in danger: drones to the rescue

    Harvest time is a difficult period for wild animals.  Many of them get caught up in the blades of combine harvesters.  We might assume pheasants, partridges, rabbits and hares alone are affected, but larger game is not spared either.  It is estimated that thousands of fawns meet this invidious fate each year.  One association has decided to come to their aid.

  • Browning blog - 2020 contest - Valentine's day

    2020 Contest – Valentine’s Day

    This February 14th will be Valentine’s Day, a special day for all couples.

    For this special occasion, we have decided to organize a contest for our fans who hunt as a couple.

  • Browning blog : pushing the 22 Long Rifle cartridge well out of its comfort zone

    Pushing the 22 Long Rifle cartridge well out of its comfort zone

    We look at the dictates of pushing the 22 Long Rifle cartridge well out of its comfort zone.

  • Browning Blog: Taking your guns and ammo overseas

    Taking your guns and ammo overseas

    I always find it amusing that many shooters put a lot of time, effort and expense into their equipment, and hone their marksmanship skills. Yet when offered the chance to take it overseas, feel it’s too much hassle. I’ve hunted in Europe and Africa and have always taken my own guns; why, because that is why I bought them.

  • This hunt that will always be remembered!

    Everyone has the time of their life on a hunt. There is no such thing as a bad time on a hunt: some are good, some are great and some are just bloody amazing. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you will remember it for the rest of your life. These kinds of stories make the best memories.

  • Browning blog : informal rough shoot

    In praise of the informal rough shoot (la billebaude)

    Among the myriad hunting techniques, there is one that, in our view, is truly redolent of freedom and – we’ll just come right out and say it – rare authenticity. The advantage of this technique that has been adopted by modern-day wildlife photographers (unaware of its origins) and which inspired a famous work of literature by Henri Vincenot, is that it wraps its practitioners in a sweet uncertainty, requiring that they place themselves in the hands of chance in more ways than one.

  • Browning blog - Huntings heals us from the inside...

    Hunting heals us from the inside…

    I am sure that every hunter has had one of those days when you get up in the morning and start getting ready for work; it’s just not working out for you, you just can’t get on with things. Everything takes so much effort and energy that you almost want to call in sick.  Your workmates are not the same and it seems no-one cares about you and nobody understands you.

  • Browning Blog : Geneva without hunt, interview with Manue Piachaud

    Geneva without hunt, interview with Manue Piachaud

    Wildlife management practice in the Geneva canton is seen as a template by some, absurd by others; but it does differ in one notable respect: the absence of so-called “traditional” hunting. The reason for this is a popular initiative put forward by a physiotherapist and a lawyer in 1974, which saw a 75% vote in favour of a hunting ban in the canton (with a turnout of only 21% of Genevans).

  • Browning Blog: Pest management in the United kingdom (fox and rabbit)

    Pest management in the United Kingdom

    In my opinion, small game starts with rabbits and stops with foxes: I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, that both of the above populations require careful management across the country. I can say with confidence that almost every single hunter would pull the trigger if he saw a fox in front of him, in the right situation.

  • Browning Blog : Hurray for the empty bag!

    Hurray for the empty bag!

    Ah, the empty bag! Every hunter has come back with it, and no hunter looks forward to it! Empty, but usually with a bitter tinge of disappointment and a bitter feel; it can put you in a bad mood, even make you insufferable to friends and family…

    But what would hunting be without it? What pleasure would we get from the battue, the night in the hide, or the walk-up, if the possibility of the empty bag never loomed in our mind?

    The fear of leaving empty-handed

    Every hunter knows this grim paradox. Waiting for the bird, looking for the hare, casting the hounds after the boar, we all hope the quarry will appear in our sights, presenting us with a shot – fairly and squarely, of course!

    Yet the possibility of it not happening, of our efforts and stratagems and trusted techniques being fruitless and for nothing, adds piquancy to our excitement.

    Learning patience through hunting

    It has often been said that hunting provides a master class in patience, and so it does; but it also teaches us to master the possibility of failure, though without ever truly succeeding, thankfully.

    For surely the most wonderful and deepest aspect of the hunt is precisely the fact that the lure of the marsh or the woods does not wane, despite, or perhaps because of, the times we come back empty-handed. In it is a touch of sublimated instinct that brings us truly to life and, in some way, keeps us from apathy.

    I have never understood that hunters can be blasé, personally: for me, it’s a complete contradiction in terms, and maybe returning from the hunt empty-handed serves to protect us from a state of mind that by its nature shuts out wonderful excitement. Especially as we always do “see” something out on the hunt: we just have to open our eyes and ears…

    An example, to illustrate

    Picture the scene – which won’t be difficult as many of our readers have been in similar situations. I’m standing at the foot of an enormous oak tree, bang in the middle of a forest. Most of the leaves have fallen; a tenacious, cloaking mist hangs all around; I know that the easterly wind of the last few days has brought in a fair number of wood pigeons. All bodes well for the “on-the-branch” shooting I’m hoping for, wrapped snugly in my hunting jacket, gloves on hands and balaclava pulled tight…

    The first few minutes see birds speeding over the treetops, followed by others, then more still. I’m sure that some among them end up roosting within range of my shotgun.

    The minutes go by and turn into an hour, two hours; night is looming and I still haven’t shouldered once; my chances are fading, but I still believe. Around me I can hear whistling and flapping wings; I catch a glimpse of a shadow of these lightly “mocking” birds; some have settled further away, but too far away, and with no way to get nearer… We’ve been there before: who’s the pigeon, now? At the end of the day, Lady Luck didn’t smile on me; time to take down the lofting poles and go home.

    A stronger state of mind

    Disappointing, yes, because I believed. It all looked so promising… But the conundrum, the great conundrum, is that tomorrow and the day after that, a year and ten years from now, despite everything, I’ll still believe. And the day I do come away with a fine bag, maybe on a day when the conditions are conspiring against me, I’ll remember the times I left without a harvest, the countless empty bags, the fruitless waits and frustrated efforts that make the successes so meaningful.

    This modest example of a fruitless pigeon hunt can be applied to every hunting discipline, of course. It merely shows that the heart of the hunt is hope permanently fed by desire. So, hurray for the empty bag!

  • Browning blog : How to bleed and treat the carcass

    How to bleed and treat the carcass…

    There are many ways to bleed the carcass of the animal and they all serve our own purpose and use. Some of these ways are better than others, but they all do the same job. We all know that the quick bleeding of the carcass after the animal has been felled is as important for the meat quality as the shot placement or a nice, clean gralloch.

  • browning blog : ambassador Browning Fiona Fiaschi

    Browning ambassador: Who is Fiona Hopkins?

    At Browning, we are committed to promoting the world of hunting and sports shooting. To do so, we support associations, athletes, but also huntress and hunters. One of these huntress is Fiona Hopkins. She is one of our ambassadors on France with Margaux Huntress and Julien Carpentier. We asked her a few questions. 

  • Browning Blog : A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    Hunting is sometimes full of surprises.  To tell the truth, the story I have decided to share with you today will seem so curious and unusual that the reader will easily understand that I hesitated a great deal before deciding to recount it.

    It was last December, in the heart of my native Normandy. A week before it took place, I had received an invitation to participate in a wild boar hunt through a long-time friend, a great wild boar enthusiast and an excellent shot.

  • Browning ambassador: Who are the Hunting Students?

    At Browning, we have decided to work with ambassadors who will represent our brand through their communities. In our search for ambassadors for the Benelux, we came across the Hunting Students, a particularly active hunter duo. It’s time to tell you more about them.

  • Browning Blog : Mistakes we have all made them

    Mistakes, We have All made them !

    We can learn a lot from our mistakes, so here are a few lessons that I have seen or heard that you will hopefully not be repeat

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – January 2018

    We do not know if it’s the same for you, but for us, the snow has held on the heights allowing us to offer you new snapshots …

  • Browning blog : recipe grouse burgers

    Recipe: Grouse Burgers

    At this time of year we are enjoying stocking up the freezer during shooting season and I’m making the most of the variety!
    Investing in a mincer has opened up a whole new range of options for cooking game. One of those options being a delicious homemade burger!

  • browning-blog-press-day-event

    Browning’s 2017 press event proved a real eye opener

    Browning organises some great press events; this year, it was France. New products included the X-Bolt Chassis and McMillan, along with the Maral and its straight-pull system, the Nomad, QD scope mounts, and Kite optics range! Shotguns consisted of most of their B725 and B525 series in Sport, Pro Trap and Hunter configurations and Winchester’s latest SX4 semi-auto.

  • Browning-blog-wild-boar-tank-legs

    The wild boar, a tank on legs

    It’s happened to all of us at least once. In the middle of a hunt, an enormous wild boar weighing about a hundred kilos takes off in front of you. Having checked he is in your angle of fire, you shoulder your weapon and pull the trigger. The shot fires, but the animal carries on! You are starting to doubt your marksmanship, even though it is well-established along the line of guns. So you fire a second bullet. The black beast continues his flight. “Missed again!” you curse to yourself, thoroughly disheartened. 

  • browning-blog-top-10-excuses-poor-marksmanshis

    Top 10 excuses for poor marksmanship

    In Belgium, we’re used to making fun of our French neighbours, and especially their ability to find excuses whenever their national football team loses a match.  “It was too windy,” “the pitch was as bad as the ref,” “the ball was flat,” etc.  Fair game, I hear you say, since our French friends are past masters in the art of making fun of Belgians.

  • browning-blog-brexit-what-about-shooters

    Brexit blues : What about shooters?

    So what might happen to shooters after the UK leaves the European community, here are some thoughts. 

  • browning-blog-foxing-work-or-sport

    Foxing in the UK: work or sport ?

    Fox control does it work and what’s the best way to do it? Fox hunting with dogs and horses has been banned in the UK for a number of years now, much to the delight of the antis. Personally, I could never really see how a bunch of guys out for what is in effect a pleasant morning’s gallop could have any real affect on Britain’s alpha predator!

  • browning-blog-top-10-excuses-going-hunting

    The top 10 excuses for going hunting

    During each period between hunting seasons, the same thing happens. You dismantle, clean and reassemble your weapons up to six times a day. You stockpile so much ammunition that you have to close off certain parts of your home. At night, you alternate between hunting and erotic dreams. Your Sundays punctuated with family meals and naps in front of Inspector Derrick are as joyful as a congress of forensic pathologists.

  • palmares-2016-sporting-Browning

    International Sports Shooting Championships 2016: a summary of the results

    2016 has been a good year for ‘team Browning’ marksmen and women: 17 medals won at the European and World championships of Compak Sporting and Sporting! Just that!

  • The hunt: a boost to the economy!

    Opponents of hunting are often hermetically sealed against any arguments that hunters might advance. Regulation? They either do not believe in it or do not want to believe. The support it provides to farmers and breeders? An unacceptable rural conspiracy, and so on…

  • Moose Hunting in Sweden

    Over a year ago Browning gave my Team and me the trust to organize 5 European Hunts. We selected together different types of hunts in Europe. Today I am here to talk to you about Sweden and its beautiful hunting areas.

  • The Waiting Game

    Often out hunting the action either kicks off almost right away or when you are just thinking of going home; this tale really explains it. I was out with my daughter Chloe in October for some Roebuck and an evening’s lamping on rabbits. We were in a big high seat called the scaffold that takes two shooters. We set in at 15.00 and waited, and waited, by 17.00 I got the feeling nothing would happen so decided to sack it at 17.30.

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – June 2016

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

  • The UK National Ladies’ Shooting Day!

    Be apart of the UK’s largest, national female shooting day!

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – April 2016

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

  • “It is in my blood.” – Alberto Rizzini

    We catch up with Alberto Rizzini, professional hunter and Browning Outdoor Ambassador, to find out what really motivates him to get up and go and how important hunting is to him.

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – February

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

  • Jagd & Hund - Europe's largest hunting exhibition - 9-14 February 2016

    Jagd & Hund 2016 – Browning on the road

    For our friends in Germany: will you be attending the 35th instalment of JAGD & HUND 2016? Browning will be there as “The Best There Is”, as usual.

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – January 2016

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)

  • Alexandra Hellström

    “It’s a way of life.” – Alexandra Hellström

    We welcome a new Browning Outdoor Ambassador to our ever-growing family: Scandinavian born huntress, Alexandra Hellström, 23 years old.

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – December 2015

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  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – November 2015

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  • British Shooting Show 2016

    The British Shooting Show 2016

    For our friends in the UK will you be attending The British Shooting Show 2016 at Stoneleigh Park in February?

  • The Wife of a Hunter

    The Wife of a Hunter, a full-time job?

    Catherine Delaunay takes the reader into the mind of a hunter’s wife – she shares her thoughts and opinions on the matter, and how her understanding of such certain lifestyle has changed for the better!

  • Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – October 2015

    These high definition images are for you – feel free to download them (right click – ‘Save As’)