• Browning blog: Ben takes up shooting

    Ben takes up shooting

    “Do you want a go?” A friendly Belgian chap was offering me a rifle at a shooting range in a Second World war fort (fort of Flémalle).

  • Browning Blog: The advantages of being accompanied during stalking and stalking hunts

    The advantages of being accompanied during stalking

    We consider the advantages of not going it alone into the hunting field when you’re a beginner hunter or even an experienced hunter.

  • Browning blog: Close range encounters with game, how to aim and shoot in a hurry

    Close range encounters with game, how to aim and shoot in a hurry

    Deer shooting in the UK tends to more longer distances, as we don’t drive them like wild boar as the European’s do, which is close up and usually standing shooting as they run by.

  • Chloe Moore Experience life to become a huntress

    Chloe Moore: my life experience to become a huntress

    My hunting journey began probably like most young people through my father. I had grown up around firearms, been taught respect, safety and most importantly the magnitude of shooting. It’s not something I took lightly, even as a child, but my father’s passion and love for his hobby had me wanting to know more. In consequence, I wanted to be taken to range days and shooting shows.

  • Browning Blog - Choosing centerfire calibres

    Choosing centrefire calibres

    With many common and exotic cartridges around how do you make the right choice for your first calibre needs?

  • Browning Blog - Game, healthy meat

    Catherine’s advice: game, healthy meat !

    Game is part of our Christmas fare, and a chance to try a highly nutritional, protein-rich, low-fat meat. If your iron count is low, tuck in to a haunch of boar or a joint of deer and top up your potassium and phosphorus levels at the same time. It’s the ideal mid-winter pick-me-up for body and mind!

  • Browning Blog: Management of wild boar in the United Kingdom

    Management of wild boar in the United Kingdom

    If we take a quick look back at the history of wild boar in the UK, we find out that the original native wild boar were extinct somewhere around the 13th century. Since then, there have been several attempts to reintroduce wild boar by royal personages or members of the aristocracy.

  • Browning Blog: Deer Social Structure

    Deer social structure

    A lot of studies have been done about the social structure of deer by many great experts, doctors, and professors, who spent countless hours studying and writing PhD theses on the subject. So many different species, locations, areas and climates and everywhere the structure of deer society is different.

  • Browning Blog : What Calibre to choose for my new rifle?

    What Calibre to choose for my new rifle?

    Choosing the correct calibre is essential to successful hunting, so let’s see what’s available?

    The amount of rifle calibres is vast, never more so than now, with seemingly new wonder cartridges coming out all the time! Faster, flatter, more terminal performance, better BCs the list goes on, which must be confusing for the novice.

  • Browning-blog-beating-hunt

    Driven hunt: main principles

    This type of hunting, which is widespread in Europe and much appreciated for the excitement it arouses, generally requires a large number of participants.  Obviously, this is a good thing as it allows more than one landless hunter to fully experience and share their passion.  Beyond the popular and unifying dimensions, in this most individualistic of times, the driven hunt is a standardised exercise in hunting which requires discipline, self-control and strict attention to safety regulations.

  • browning-blog-high-seat-hunting

    High-seat hunting: patience and discretion

    As with walk-up hunting, stalking large game demands patience, acute observation and absolute silence.  Originating in Germany, this practice is inspired – like the majority of hunting methods let us not forget – by the ruses used by some animals of prey in their natural surroundings to find food (from polar bear to pike, including big cats and snakes).

  • Browning Blog : Alexandra Hellstrom deer-hunting hungary

    How to track an injured deer ?

    OK there you are lined up on that Roe Buck and everything looks good, you squeeze the trigger and instead of dropping on the spot it runs usually into the woods. So what went wrong and more importantly what do you do? Shot placement might be out and a heart shot deer, despite being technically dead can run 100 yards more or less and will always try and go to ground and hide. Worse if it’s gut shot, it will hunch as it’s hit and also run, but further as the wound, though fatal is not instantly so.

  • Browning Blog - How to choose scope - optic

    How to choose your shooting scope

    Nine French hunters out of ten use a telescopic sight when hunting big game. A scope can be an indispensable help when seeking to ensure a maximum of precision. Red dots, scopes for driven hunts or scopes for stalking: with so much choice, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose! This should help with your decision.

  • How to react to a charging boar?

    Bang! Bang! Bang! You’ve just emptied your magazine at a particularly imposing boar. Unfortunately, you missed the big pig because of the wind, the sun in your eyes, or any number of other reasons (beyond your control, of course: we wouldn’t cast doubt on your shooting skills). The thing is… the dark beast doesn’t look happy at being shot at!

  • Hunting waterfowl with the A5

    No, waterfowl is not a synonym for a wicked move during water polo, as I thought at first. This expression is used to describe all wild birds, both sedentary and migrant, mainly found in and around water such as ducks, waders, swans, geese, … To make things simpler, small game in an aquatic environment.

  • Awaiting The New Season!

    As the days wane, the nights close in and the trees don their vibrant hues, a chill creeps into the air. Not the bite of wintry blusters, but just a nip to let us know a new season is at hand. As autumn approaches, my mind switches from the highs of summer deer stalking to the buzz of getting stuck into our local duck haven.

  • Give It A Shot! – 5 Shooting Tips You Need To Know

    Are you recently new to shooting?  Wondering whether to start? Or even wanting to iron out those bad habits to avoid frustration in the field? Well, we’re here to help…  We’ve collected together the most popular advice from our professionals experience to give you Browning’s Top 5 Shooting Tips!

  • Disciplines

    Clay Pigeon Shooting: What’s Your Discipline?

    Clay pigeon shooting offers shooters a multitude of possibilities to practise in different environments – but what discipline suits you best? There’s a sport for all!

  • Hunter and his dog - Choosing the right gun dog

    Choosing The Right Gun Dog

    For centuries man has always fared better in his pursuit of game when aided by a canine. But which breed suits you? Our choices range from the likes of Retrievers to Pointers, Bloodhounds to Terriers. But with hundreds of different sporting breeds to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. To obtain a winning combination, find the canine that best describes you…