At Browning, we have decided to work with ambassadors who will represent our brand through their communities. In our search for ambassadors for the Benelux, we came across the Hunting Students, a particularly active hunter duo. It’s time to tell you more about them.

Koen van Weelden:Browning Blog: Ambassadors Hunting Students Koen

Age; 23 (29.07.1994)

City; Milsbeek, the Netherlands

Type of hunting practised?
Small game (geese, crow, pigeon, hare, pheasant, rabbit & duck) and big game both driven hunt & pirsch & hunting from highseat ( Roe deer, wild boar, red deer, predator hunting)

Your best trophy?
Big roebuck for my 16th birthday

When did you start hunting?
I joined my father ever since I could walk, got my hunting licence when I was 18

Why did you start hunting?
I grew up hunting with my father and it definitely became my lifestyle

Favorite place to hunt?

The dream place for a hunt?
Yukon, my hunting dream is to hunt a Yukon moose


Browning Blog: Ambassadors Hunting Students Gert-JanGert-Jan:

Age: 25, 20/02/1992

City: Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Type of hunting practised?
Both driven hunts and stalking/high seat on big game and driven hunts and walked-up on small game and hunting from hides on crows, pigeons, geese.

Your best trophy?
A bronze medal buck in my own hunting area on 1 km from my home.

When did you start hunting?
I went along with my family since I was 4-5 years old but I am hunting myself since I am 18.

And why?
Since I was the first of the new generation following my father, grandfather and great-grandfather, all hunting in the same area. I like to be outside and combine it with nature photography.

Favorite place to hunt?
In my own hunting area hunting a roebuck.

The dream place for a hunt?
Chamois hunting in Austria


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