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  • palmares-2016-sporting-Browning

    International Sports Shooting Championships 2016: a summary of the results

    2016 has been a good year for ‘team Browning’ marksmen and women: 17 medals won at the European and World championships of Compak Sporting and Sporting! Just that!

  • Following Alistair on a Highland stag hunt

    Now it’s my turn to tell you a “hunting tale”, or rather my experience as a guide-and-daughter-of-a-Belgian-hunter in a stag hunting party in the Scottish mountains. Follow me deep into the Highlands and to the Glenfinnan Estate.

  • Boar-hunting blues!

    What?! Hunting boars getting you down? No, not those blues! The Small Gascony Blue – the Petit Bleu de Gascogne, the loyal, talented and best hog-hunting hound there is! 

  • Hunting waterfowl with the A5

    No, waterfowl is not a synonym for a wicked move during water polo, as I thought at first. This expression is used to describe all wild birds, both sedentary and migrant, mainly found in and around water such as ducks, waders, swans, geese, … To make things simpler, small game in an aquatic environment.

  • Hunter and his dog - Choosing the right gun dog

    Choosing The Right Gun Dog

    For centuries man has always fared better in his pursuit of game when aided by a canine. But which breed suits you? Our choices range from the likes of Retrievers to Pointers, Bloodhounds to Terriers. But with hundreds of different sporting breeds to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. To obtain a winning combination, find the canine that best describes you…

  • Dog Equipment

    Choosing the right equipment for your hunting dog

    Knowing how to protect your dog in certain scenarios, can ultimately reduce the risk of any potential fatal accidents. We review a range of proven protective equipment that may end up saving your dogs life!