Daniel Beardsmore

Hello all. It is fair to say that being out in the wild is what I enjoy the most - whether hunting or discovering new terrain, I strive to live life by this simple paragraph: 'Exploration is finding the thing we love and relentlessly pursuing it. It's pushing the boundaries of our physical and creative self-expression. Exploration is the joy, adrenaline, soulfulness, fear, love and exhilaration of the unknown. Never Stop.' Following in the footsteps of my father Owen Beardsmore, professional hunting outfitter and owner of Cervus-UK; I am a young, but determined individual, open to fresh ideas within content creation & marketing - directly in relation to the outdoor, hunting & fieldsports industry. I aspire to share, through film, photography and written word hunting stories from across the globe. I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Website: https://instagram.com/cammandan_

Email: Daniel.Beardsmore@browning-int.com

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