Hunters like to shop as much as the fashion victims you see strutting around city centres. What could be nicer than casually browsing around a gun store you’ve never been to before while your other half is buying a pair of shoes in the shop next door (using her own credit card, phew!)? What greater thrill than shouldering a gun you’ve had your eye on for years? Nothing much, probably, except the actual hunt.

Unfortunately, hunting can be a money guzzler. I’m thinking of big-game hunters with different guns for blinds, driven shoots, stalking… The costs can soon stack up and turn relations between you and the missus into a powder keg.

Then there are all those who have made the discerning decision to purchase the best performing straight-pull rifle on the market: the Maral. Here are five reasons to get a Maral! What are yours?

The fastest straight-pull rifle on the market

Every straight-pull rifle requires you to push the bolt all the way forward against the receiver after firing. All except the Maral.

Recocking the Maral is as simple as pulling the handle and letting go. The breech is closed by the powerful return-spring action, saving you vital seconds. It’s up to you to use them well!

The safest straight-pull rifle on the market

A unique feature of the Maral is that the breech is enclosed in the casing by the seven-lug bolt. This has two major benefits. First, it’s safer, for obvious reasons: no chance of the breech springing back towards your face. Secondly, you can keep your eye on the game without being distracted by the moving breech, for a more accurate aim.

The Maral also features a hand-cocking system for maximum safety out on the hunt.

A versatile rifle

The Maral has benefits in abundance: precision-engineered Browning barrels, absolute safety, unrivaled speed and multiple accessories.

The Maral is ideal if you want one gun for all types of hunt. Its speed and high-capacity magazine (supplied in addition to the standard magazine) mean you can wait tranquilly for the large boar packs to arrive when out on driven hunts. The performance of the Super Feather trigger and cold-hammered barrel guarantee fearsome accuracy from the blind.

Perfect ergonomics

The Maral is sold with a large selection of accessories.

All Maral rifles (wood and composite) come with 15, 20 and 25 mm recoil pads and a Browning Nomad base rail. Composite models include a standard magazine, a high-capacity magazine (nine 308Win, ten 30-06Spr), an adjustable comb, and an insert for an improved shoulder fit.

Then there is the Maral’s generously sized cocking handle, ideally positioned in relation to the trigger to give you the best possible handling experience.

Nicely priced

While the competition is offering products in the 3,000 € to 8,000 € range, you can get a Maral for between 2,000 € (Maral Nordic) and 3,650 € (Maral SF Wood Grade 5). What more can you say?

In short, a brief description of the Maral is like the unbeatable shooting experience of the Maral. There are as many plus points as there are rounds in its high-capacity magazine. My pen fires off the words as fast as the Maral shoots. One question remains: will this quick-fire argument have the same power to stop you in your tracks as the Maral itself when you see it in the gun store?