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    Pictures of the month – June 2020

    In this month of June 2020, the post-confinement continues its course, yet the fauna continues to take advantage of these calm moments to walk in nature.     

  • Browning blog: why shoot corvids?

    Why shoot corvids?

    Caw, caw, caw! A black shape emerges out of the morning gloom, circling above the bird decoys you have set up a few metres away from your hiding place.  Quick as a flash, you stand, shoulder your Maxus and fire a Winchester Special Corneille.  It falls to the ground.  You’re happy, and so is the farmer.  Shooting crows and rooks is becoming more and more popular with hunters.  We’re going to explain why.

  • Browning blog : Fawns in danger - Drones to the rescue

    Fawns in danger: drones to the rescue

    Harvest time is a difficult period for wild animals.  Many of them get caught up in the blades of combine harvesters.  We might assume pheasants, partridges, rabbits and hares alone are affected, but larger game is not spared either.  It is estimated that thousands of fawns meet this invidious fate each year.  One association has decided to come to their aid.