• Pictures of the month / Browning wildlife wallpapers

    Pictures of the month – August 2018

    Once again, nature is in the spotlight in this latest selection of photos from August 2018. Our photographer still has fun capturing magical moments that offer flora and fauna.

  • Browning Blog: Pest management in the United kingdom (fox and rabbit)

    Pest management in the United Kingdom

    In my opinion, small game starts with rabbits and stops with foxes: I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, that both of the above populations require careful management across the country. I can say with confidence that almost every single hunter would pull the trigger if he saw a fox in front of him, in the right situation.

  • Browning blog: 5 reasons to buy a Browning safe

    5 reasons to buy a Browning safe

    With lawmakers casting a foreboding shadow over the gun and hunting sectors, a gun safe is an increasingly recommended item of equipment. Some countries in Europe require all gun owners to have one, and others may soon follow suit.