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    Pictures of the month – July 2018

    For this new selection of photos from July 2018, we offer you cervids, cervids, and even cervids. Enjoy these new pictures.

  • Browning Blog: Management of wild boar in the United Kingdom

    Management of wild boar in the United Kingdom

    If we take a quick look back at the history of wild boar in the UK, we find out that the original native wild boar were extinct somewhere around the 13th century. Since then, there have been several attempts to reintroduce wild boar by royal personages or members of the aristocracy.

  • Browning Blog : 5 reasons to buy a Maral

    5 reasons to buy a Maral

    Hunters like to shop as much as the fashion victims you see strutting around city centres. What could be nicer than casually browsing around a gun store you’ve never been to before while your other half is buying a pair of shoes in the shop next door (using her own credit card, phew!)? What greater thrill than shouldering a gun you’ve had your eye on for years? Nothing much, probably, except the actual hunt.

  • Browning Blog - United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    United States: prairie dog hunting in Utah

    A bison-sized 4×4 cuts its way across Far West scenery. A vast, desert expanse spreads beyond view. The temperature is touching 40°C; not enough to deter a dozen or so antelopes from nibbling at the tufts of burnt grass. The turns in the road reveal the occasional village peering out of the dust like lunar colonies.

  • Browning Blog: Deer Social Structure

    Deer social structure

    A lot of studies have been done about the social structure of deer by many great experts, doctors, and professors, who spent countless hours studying and writing PhD theses on the subject. So many different species, locations, areas and climates and everywhere the structure of deer society is different.