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    Pictures of the month – April 2018

    This new selection of animal photos, proposed by our photographer, shows big as small game in their natural environment. What delight all lovers of animals.

  • browning blog : ambassador Browning Fiona Fiaschi

    Browning ambassador: Who is Fiona Hopkins?

    At Browning, we are committed to promoting the world of hunting and sports shooting. To do so, we support associations, athletes, but also huntress and hunters. One of these huntress is Fiona Hopkins. She is one of our ambassadors on France with Margaux Huntress and Julien Carpentier. We asked her a few questions. 

  • Browning Blog : B525 Liberty Light - large or small, all are equal and just as effective

    B525 Liberty Light: large or small, all are equal and just as effective

    All hunters and shooters have the right to the “best there is”.  Yet even if the very best over and under shotguns are called B25, B15, Heritage, B725, B525 or Cynergy, it does sometimes happen that a shooter cannot find a stock that fits his shoulder.  The grip may be too wide, the stock may be too long, the fore-end may be ill-adapted, the trigger may be too far away etc.  For some shooters who are smaller than average hunters, such as women or younger people, micro stocks are not always enough.  The only solution is to take the shotgun to the gunsmith.

  • Browning Blog : Alexandra Hellstrom deer-hunting hungary

    Deer-hunting in Hungary’s oak forests

    The only sound we hear as we make our way stealthily towards our stand is that of acorns tumbling through the autumn foliage and falling onto the surrounding ground. The air is cool, the wind merely a gentle draft, as we move slowly among the oaks, beech trees, limes and ash. I’m out with my guide and tracker, Arpi, for a third day in the Hungarian forest. So far, things have been quiet; our only sightings have been groups of mouflon, the occasional red deer hind and a stag that sported a fine set of budding horns but was too young to hunt. I can’t fail to notice my tracker’s growing unease over the fact that we haven’t yet found a suitable stag for me. No doubt he’s asking himself, ‘When will our luck change?’

  • Browning Blog : A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    A truly extraordinary wild boar driven hunt

    Hunting is sometimes full of surprises.  To tell the truth, the story I have decided to share with you today will seem so curious and unusual that the reader will easily understand that I hesitated a great deal before deciding to recount it.

    It was last December, in the heart of my native Normandy. A week before it took place, I had received an invitation to participate in a wild boar hunt through a long-time friend, a great wild boar enthusiast and an excellent shot.