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    Pictures of the month – May 2017

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    Foxing in the UK: work or sport ?

    Fox control does it work and what’s the best way to do it? Fox hunting with dogs and horses has been banned in the UK for a number of years now, much to the delight of the antis. Personally, I could never really see how a bunch of guys out for what is in effect a pleasant morning’s gallop could have any real affect on Britain’s alpha predator!

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    The top 10 excuses for going hunting

    During each period between hunting seasons, the same thing happens. You dismantle, clean and reassemble your weapons up to six times a day. You stockpile so much ammunition that you have to close off certain parts of your home. At night, you alternate between hunting and erotic dreams. Your Sundays punctuated with family meals and naps in front of Inspector Derrick are as joyful as a congress of forensic pathologists.

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    How to clean your rifle after a hunting day

    Think your rifle does not need a bit of tender love and care; then think again!

    When it comes to keeping your guns clean; rifled firearms need to be given the biggest consideration. Fouling will start to fill up the rifling groves that spin the bullet to stabilise it. Compounding this is the copper that comes off the jacket, which also has to go!

  • Browning Blog : Alexandra Hellstrom deer-hunting hungary

    How to track an injured deer ?

    OK there you are lined up on that Roe Buck and everything looks good, you squeeze the trigger and instead of dropping on the spot it runs usually into the woods. So what went wrong and more importantly what do you do? Shot placement might be out and a heart shot deer, despite being technically dead can run 100 yards more or less and will always try and go to ground and hide. Worse if it’s gut shot, it will hunch as it’s hit and also run, but further as the wound, though fatal is not instantly so.